Spider-Man: Far From Home Post Credit Scene Has Probably Been Revealed

Spider-Man: Far From Home is less than a month away and we’re getting more and more footage & leaks as days pass by. Just like Avengers: Endgame, we get new TV Spots almost every other day as that is how the marketing of these films is done these days. But apparently, a screening happened recently and one major leak seems to have arrived. It is almost what people expected it to be.

Potential Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home follow.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Avengers Tower

The big question that everyone had while watching Homecoming was that who exactly bought the Avengers tower. People thought that it could be the Baxter Building, but Disney hadn’t acquired Fox back then. Moreover, since it happened in a Spider-Man movie, it had to be someone related to Spider-Man. The individual who is so resourceful in the Spider-Man Universe is Norman Osborn. So, it was all but confirmed that Norman Osborn was the one to buy the Avengers: Endgame tower.

Grace Randolph from ‘Beyond The Trailer’ on YouTube got to be a part of the screening that happened, and she has revealed that Oscorp is coming to the MCU next month. This obviously means that the Avengers tower has turned into Oscorp. Norman Osborn is coming to the MCU. We got a leak for the mid-credits of the movie that also suggests this.

MCU Doctor Doom

This leak comes from Marvel’s spoiler page from Reddit. The user who posted the following decription, RoyG575 claims to be a special effects artist for Disney. That is how he’s seen the sequence. The description says:

“The mid-credit scene starts off in a dark room, with chilling and villainous music. A defeated and sad looking Mysterio looks out the window from a skyscraper at night time. The view of the shot is within the building looking outwards, so you can’t see the building itself.

A voice is heard in the background (which sounds Russian), which says something like “He beat us once, but soon he is going to pay”. Mysterio turns around and the voice is revealed to be from the Chameleon in his costume. Mysterio then says “Dimitri, thanks for having my back out there”. Chameleon replies with “don’t worry, there are more of us”. Right then, the music gets darker while the Vulture (similar outfit as homecoming with a few modifications), Scorpion (Outfit similar to comics but few differences), Shocker (Different outfit than homecoming, it looks like the red and yellow suit from comics), and a man in a business suit walk in from another room.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

The businessman gathers the villains together and says “I have a proposal”. The camera pans out to the outside of the building, which is the old Stark/Avengers tower which has the name “OSCORP” in large green font, at the same spot the Stark logo was, and shows it for a few seconds. The scene ends here. It was about 45 seconds but I have only seen the whole clip twice. I couldn’t tell if the businessman was Norman Osborn, or if he was simply an assistant, and I didn’t know the actor playing him.”  

Spider-Man: Far From Home
Spider-Man: Far From Home

All this falls in line with the setup of Homecoming. Mac Gargan talked to Adrian Toomes about revenge against Peter. Now, the Sinister Six assembles to take on the Spider in his third outing. Plans for Phase 4 won’t be out until D23 Expo, but it seems that Spider-Man: Far From Home is setting Norman Osborn as a big entity.

Next MCU Villain Doctor Doom

He could be the mystery buyer of the alien tech that Adrain Toomes was selling. He also could be the one in link with Sonny Burch, the one who wanted to get his hands on Hank Pym’s lab. So, Norman Osborn has a big future. After leading the Sinister Six, he could go on to be a part of the Thunderbolts movie, or perhaps set up the Dark Avengers. Only time will tell. Let’s see what happens.

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