10 Most Powerful Members of A-Force – Marvel’s All-Female Avengers Team

Endgame showed us a small glimpse of what it would look like when all the strongest women of the MCU teamed up. The end result was sheer awesomeness. But the MCU was not the first Marvel offshoot to try and test in unproven waters. It was in 2015’s Secret Wars event that Marvel Comics introduced us to the very first iteration of A-Force, Marvel’s first all-female team of Earth’s mightiest heroes. The A-Force was created to stop Doom’s machinations from destroying their small patch of land called Arcadia that they held valuable and needed their protection in Battle World. Under the apt leadership of She-Hulk, the A-Force became so major a thorn on Doctor Doom’s side that he decided to get onto the battlefield and deal with them personally once and for all. The MCU might have hinted at an all-women team up just like the A-Force when they banded up their strongest women characters together. If an A-Force movie ever happens, we would like these characters to be on the roster. Presenting – 10 Most Powerful Members of A-Force – Marvel’s All-female Avengers team!!!

 10. X-23

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

Laura Kinney was born a clone. Most of her childhood was spent within an incubation tube, where her body was given painful anatomical modifications. She was also trained rigorously in the most dangerous forms of martial arts techniques in recorded history. It was later revealed that why were the scientists so adamant on making Laura a living weapon. She was a clone of Wolverine, and in more ways than one, was designed to be better than him. Her mutant powers of regeneration and longevity were the same as Logan’s. She also had an extra pair of retractable claws in her feet, something even Wolverine does not have. Her superhuman physical attributes of speed, agility, and reflexes combined with her deadly animal-like fighting style make her a god of close quarter combat situations. She is the angel of death, if the angel of death had adamantium claws coming out of her hands and feet.

 9. Nico Minoru

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

Nico Minoru is one of the most powerful female magic practitioners in the Marvel Universe. She controls and commands a domain of magic called Blood Magic, using her enchanted weapon called the Staff of One. Nico Minoru now goes by the name Sister Grimm, and she is the daughter of two powerful wizards of dark magic herself. Her method of accessing and harnessing magic depends on her blood. Blood magic can be used to conjure anything as long as you have access to a fair amount of blood. So every time Nico finds herself in a bind, she voluntarily cuts herself to gain the necessary blood required to perform blood sorcery. While the effects of her spell sometimes backfire and are almost never certain, she is still powerful enough to vanquish even the strongest of foes.

 8. Singularity

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

Singularity is one of the newest generations of heroes to join the Marvel Universe. Singularity crash landed on Arcadia in Battle World and was originally thought to be a meteorite. After people realized that the ‘meteorite’ was actually a sentient being that harbored an entire pocket dimension within her, Singularity soon became a member of the A-Force. Her connection to the Power Cosmic grants her incredibly strong abilities. She can teleport herself and others. She can use her own body as a vortex shield to absorb any attacks and throw it into the pocket dimension within her. She can even travel across time and use telepathy to communicate with others.

 7. Dazzler

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

Dazzler is one of the more iconic X-Men superheroes that use sound to create devastating light based attacks. Her mutant ability allows her to absorb sonic vibrations from any source, and then turn those vibrations into photonic energy. This light energy can be used to stun an enemy or even as a concussive energy blast of pure light. Dazzler is powerful enough to be able to absorb the scream of Black Bolt as well, (who can even rip apart the fabric of space-time if she shouts too loudly). The A-Force version was even more impressive since she also had the powers of Thor and was the Goddess of thunder. She died an untimely death after being poisoned when she was exposed to the Terrigen Mists.

 6. Lady Loki

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

While he is traditionally a man, Loki’s control over his own anatomy due to his powers of total metamorphosis meant that he can become a she anytime he wanted. In Arcadia, Loki took the role of a woman and was a mother figure to America Chavez and Nico Minoru, both members of the A-Force. But Loki had her ulterior motifs. She was only playing nice to seize control of Arcadia.  Loki was still one of the strongest additions to A-Force. He had the strength, speed, durability, stamina, and endurance of an Asgardian as well as her mystical abilities. She was capable of flight, teleportation and energy manipulation. She was also cunning and ruthlessly brilliant when it came to formulating battle strategies and tactics.

 5. She-Hulk

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

The woman known as Jennifer Walters would one day get a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner and her life as she knew it would be changed forever. As She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters is known as one of the physically strongest superheroes in existence. She is so fiercely powerful that she even defeated Hercules, the Greek God of Strength in an arm wrestling match. But what makes She-Hulk truly formidable is her ability to stay calm under pressure. While Bruce Banner struggles to control his Hulk persona, She-Hulk is just as rational as Jennifer Walters. Combined with her career as an attorney that has provided her with tremendous insight on how to stay level headed at all times, She-Hulk is a natural leader for a team like the A-Force.

 4. Captain Marvel

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

Carol Danvers is one of the strongest superheroes in human history. She is a master of energy manipulation and absorption. Her energy manipulation powers are so great that she has defeated an entire armada of Builder Warships singlehandedly. Her true powers blossom her into a god when she transforms into her binary form. In this form, Carol is a Goddess of energy and her powers are greatly enhanced. She also gains cosmic awareness and reacts to situations even before they become a threat. Her background as a military officer in the air force also makes her extremely disciplined and a great asset to the team.

 3. Spectrum

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

Monica Rambeau was exposed to deadly levels of alien radiation which mutated her body and gave her superpowers. As Spectrum, Monica has complete control of all forms of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum. She can even transform herself into pure electromagnetic energy, thus providing herself with the ability to travel at the speed of light, live without food, water or air and fly unaided in space. In her energy form, Monica will never age so she is practically immortal as long as she maintains it. Her powers also include cosmic awareness and she can sense when a situation is about to get into dangerous territory. She is also the only second woman in Marvel Comics to hold the title of Captain Marvel after Carol Danvers.

 2. Jean Grey

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

Jean grey was already an adept telepath who could use powerful telekinetic attacks to push and pull objects with her mind. She was a double-ended threat to her enemies. After being possessed by the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey’s powers were enhanced even further. She could now project her astral form even onto the physical plane anywhere in the world and thus be at two places at once. She could create impenetrable force fields around herself and her allies, creating invincible defensive barriers. She is also a very powerful telepath and could manipulate the thoughts and emotions of hundreds of individuals at the same time. She could even use her telekinesis in an offensive manner, using it in the form of powerful concussive beams.

 1. Scarlet Witch

A-Force All-Female Avengers Team Marvel

Her powers are truly frightening. Using her chaos magic to create hex bolt beams and illusions is just child’s play. She can do much more than that. Wanda was chosen as the future vessel of Chthon and so he gifted Wanda Maximoff with incredible powers of magic. Combined with her mutant powers, Scarlet Witch has enough strength to defeat Dormammu even in his own dimension. She is also considered to be a Nexus being – there is only one Wanda in all Marvel realities. That means she is a foundation to the Marvel Multi-Verse. It is the reason Wanda has the ability to change the fate of the universe by rewriting reality itself by simply uttering a few words. She is so powerful that even Ultron fears her.

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