MCU Phase 4 is Bringing us Its Own ‘Suicide Squad’ in The Name of ‘Thunderbolts’

MCU Phase 4 – 

While there’s certainly a lot of firsts with the Worlds of DC, Marvel sure manages to show them how things are done even when they come later to the party. DC did a hero V hero movie first, and Marvel did it better. They did a solo female movie, and Marvel did it better. Suicide Squad was the first of its kind, being an all-star villain team-up film, and now Marvel will do that better as well with the ‘Thunderbolts.’ Yes, Phase 4 is going to be lit up by the villains!

MCU Phase 4 Suicide Squad Thunderbolts

DC has done an Atlantis based movie and Marvel will follow soon. They are doing a female team-up movie in the name of Birds of Prey and Marvel even will follow that with A-Force, but before that, they will bring in a movie with Villains turned Anti-heroes. According to a leaker on twitter called Roger Wardell, Marvel is planning some major new projects for the future of the MCU, and one of their priorities is going to be the Thunderbolts.

For those of you asking why this leaker should be believed, the answer lies right here. And for those who don’t know what Thunderbolts really stands for, they are a team of Marvel Super villains that fight for the good for reduced sentences, just like The Suicide Squad. Well, James Gunn is coming up with a reboot sequel of DC’s bad guys and that film is certainly going to be better than the previous one. But Marvel actually has the opportunity to make things even better as their Super-villain team is actually going to be full of Powerhouses unlike the lackeys in the Suicide Squad.

MCU Phase 4 Suicide Squad Thunderbolts

As reported by Wardell, this film will mark the return of Abomination who has been lying dormant in the MCU ever since 2008. General Ross was brought back for a reason and that reason was surely none other than Red Hulk. Together these two already make this team quite unbeatable. But apart from them, there’s going to be the X-Factor, i.e. Ghost, the Master Strategist Assassin Zemo and the Tech Guy Justin Hammer. Adding the Vulture to this team would have felt amazing but he is surely being kept reserved for Sinister Six.

MCU Phase 4 Suicide Squad Thunderbolts

Well, this project doesn’t really need any other member in the team as the female villain box has also been ticked. It would be really interesting to see how Ghost survived for the past 5 years without any Quantum Energy. Perhaps she was also snapped, and then helped immediately after every snap victim returned. All that could be explained in this film itself. What this film really required is a worthy Bad guy, and Marvel seems to have saved the best villain for the job.

MCU Phase 4 Suicide Squad Thunderbolts

It has been pointed out that The Leader will be the big villain and a whole trilogy is being planned for this team. We needed a good answer for all the villains being saved in the MCU, and this probably will be the best answer of all. The Leader hasn’t been seen ever since The Incredible Hulk gave him an origin. It is odd that a guy with a big head hasn’t been spotted by anyone till now. But perhaps this film will have the perfect answer for that as well.

MCU Phase 4 Suicide Squad Thunderbolts

There were reports for a Dark Avengers film as well, but perhaps this project is much more of a priority in Phase 4. A Dark Avengers film would require Norman Osborn to come in first and that isn’t happening either until the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home or Spider-Man 3. On the contrary, the groundwork and foundation for Thunderbolts has already been laid and the line-up is quite ready. So that is why the Dark Avengers will probably be a thing of Phase 3 while Thunderbolts is coming in much sooner than you think.

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