Kevin Feige Confirms The Return of Ten Rings and the Real Mandarin in MCU

MCU really is the greatest franchise in Hollywood. It is the world’s most expensive TV show if you think about it. But what makes it so amazing? Is it the perfect castings of the many heroes, or is it the bond that these heroes form with the audience leading to a good chunk of fan service? Well, the stories are so unique and versatile but the greatest part of the MCU is the connections established through the setups throughout all the films.

Within one movie are hidden so many future setups that even Marvel can only cash on a limited number of them. There’s just a whole lot of foreshadowing that goes on in these films. Lose ends are tied even after 6 years later. Black Panther was teased back in 2010 and his first appearance happened in 2016! Namor was also teased at the very same time and now more than a decade later we will get to see him flushed out of the waters finally.

Fans have complained that Marvel hasn’t done anything to acknowledge the connected TV shows like Agents of SHIELD, but they finally did give us a connection with Agent Carter by bringing Edwin Jarvis onto the big screen from the small one. Now Kevin Feige has teased that Marvel could even honor the One Shot movies that were made during Phase 2. During a Reddit AMA he confirmed that those One Shots won’t be returning but upcoming Disney+ series will follow a similar tone.

“Totally agree. The best thing about the One-Shots is that we got to flesh out other characters. It’s tremendously exciting that we now have Disney+ series where we get to do that on a grand scale with many of the characters you know and love.”

In one of those One Shots called All Hail the King, we saw the entry of a new mystery character played by Scoot McNairy. Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer was a part of the One Shot, and we even saw Ben Kingsley’s stage actor Mandarin aka Trevor Slattery who was broken out of jail by the REAL Mandarin. The fans have complained that while these One-Shots were amazing, Marvel never really capitalized on this particular set up.

Well, Feige did confirm the fact that the future of the MCU will further the plot thread left hanging out to dry. This itself makes it clear for us that there is, in fact, a REAL Mandarin and Aldrich Killian wasn’t one of them. The 10 rings were seen in the first Iron Man movie and then there was a tease in Ant-Man. Now finally Feige has confirmed their future but we cannot be sure of when we could see them return.

Avengers: Endgame Sets Up Falcon & Winter Soldier Show

There are chances that the Real Mandarin could show his face in the MCU as soon as the end of this year. Since did say that the Disney+ shows will follow a similar tone and honor the One Shots, we could actually see the 10 Rings be the Terrorist organization that goes up against Falcon & Winter Soldier in their own TV show. The Mandarin could be a suitable villain against the new Captain America and the White Wolf.

But one could argue that there’s no link between these two heroes and the Mandarin. So for that matter, we may see the return of the 10 Rings in a different movie which is not even announced yet.

Roger Wardell, the leaker of Marvel’s future plans has claimed that there will be a Thunderbolts movie which will involve a team up between Red Hulk, Abominations, Ghost, Justin Hammer, and Baron Zemo. Well, the One-Shot that we’ve talked about above included Justin Hammer, so perhaps there could be a link between it and Thunderbolts?

Yes, Wardell has claimed that The Leader will be brought back as the main villain but he has also claimed that this project is being planned as a trilogy. So perhaps the Leader could show up later on, and first, we see the 10 Rings and the Mandarin come into play? Imagine the Leader teaming up with the Mandarin. That would be awesome! But this potential Thunderbolts movie is too far away so let’s see what happens.

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