Joker-Style Standalone Movies in The Mind of Marvel Studios

There aren’t a lot of things that DC does, and Marvel finds it inspiring. But, quite heroically we have found one thing that DC is doing right now. And, Marvel Studios thinks that this could be a profitable sorry I mean prolific idea in leading their success graph to even further heights. So, the thing that has impressed Marvel Studios is the move DC has played with the upcoming Joker film by Todd Phillips. The upcoming Joker film isn’t going to have any ties with the DCEU, and, is the reason why there’s a lot of buzz around this film and also even moviegoers are really pumped about this one. So, now there are reports that Marvel Studios is also looking forward to bring this approach in the MCU.

Joker Marvel Studios

The report has been delivered by the closest sources of We Got This Covered, and, there are suggestions that Marvel is really impressed by the way DC has hyped their upcoming film ‘Joker’. Also, the people seem to be very happy with the trailer of the movie. But, above all, the movie is also successfully attracting people who have never seen any superhero movies.

Avengers: Endgame Box Office Avatar

And, I think this could be true because there were a lot of people who didn’t watch Avengers: Endgame in theaters, for they didn’t know Thanos and the plot of the epic fight. So, there are advantages of bringing in a shared universe but there are some big cons too of bringing out solo movies.

Joker Marvel Studios

We don’t know yet whether Marvel is going go forward with the idea of the standalone movies or not but, one thing is sure that, they’re analyzing it to its core. What are your views on this? Do you think Marvel will replicate the approach of DC or will they stick to their own shared universe? Tell us in the comments section down below.

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