FOX Bringing In Doctor Doom Solo Movie!

20th Century Fox has the rights to the characters of Fantastic 4 and they seem to be taking full advantage of that and finally doing the right thing by giving us what we wanted for so long. Yes, a Doctor Doom Solo Movie has been confirmed by Fox and it is the best thing they could do with the Fantastic 4 franchise considering they do not screw this one too.

Doctor Doom is the biggest Marvel villain of all time in the comic book universe.

No one is even close to what he has done in the comics, and now the Character finally seems to be getting the recognition it deserves on the big screen too.

People have been wanting a proper Doctor Doom portrayal for so long. The first 2 Fantastic 4 movies did an ok-ish Doctor Doom but the Fantastic 4 reboot gave us a pile of shit naming it Doctor Doom.

They literally kinda molested the character and ruined it for every viewer and almost killed the franchise. Doctor Doom was the biggest, criticism from the reboot. His casting, suit, acting, abilities, all were just garbage.

doctor doom

Noah Hawley has made the dream of Marvel fans worldwide come true. The Legion showrunner just confirmed he is currently developing a Doctor Doom movie for 20th Century Fox. Fans were really surprised and went crazy after hearing what Noah said at the Comic Con panel for Legion.

“I’m developing a film for Fox and I’ll just say two words. Doctor. Doom.”

If you are not familiar with Doctor Doom, then you should know the villain was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the 1960s. Doctor Doom had a rough childhood as both of parents were murdered. His mother was killed by the demon Mephisto after calling upon him for power, and Doom’s father was murdered by King Vladimir of Latveria once he failed to save the ruler’s wife. He is the arch nemesis of the Fantastic 4 and Stan Lee admitted the villain was his favorite baddie of the Marvel Universe and certainly has tonnes of potential.

Considering what Fox has been lately doing with movies like Deadpool and Logan, it could turn out to be pretty awesome. How do you feel about a Doctor Doom movie? Tell us in the comments.

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