11 DC Villains (And Actors Who Should Play Them) That Need to be in The Batman Movie

The world is yet to fully accept the prospects of Robert Pattinson playing the Dark Knight in the DC Extended Universe in the upcoming Matt Reeves-directed The Batman movie. While “Battinson” might be a phrase that will need a lot of time to fill up the shoes of Ben Affleck as the Batman – a term known as “Batfleck”, the rumor mill is still churning out news regarding more updates for the Batman movie. This list is not to address the rumors but put to rest a more glaring question – what villains are going to appear next? Can the DCEU bring a new set of villains to terrorize Gotham City that could be just as legendary as the Joker? Or are they going to play it safe and just introduce the Clown Prince of Crime? Presenting – 11 DC Villains (and actors who should play them) that need to be in the Batman movie!!

 11. Hugo Strange – Colin Firth

DC Villains The Batman

Colin Firth is better known as Harry Hart of the Kingsman movie series. He is the mentor and father figure of Eggsy, the protagonist of both Kingsman and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. We specifically chose Colin Firth for this role because he is known to add a special level of mystery to whichever role he plays. You would know what we are talking about if you have seen any of the Kingsman movies. Doctor Hugo Strange is indeed a mysterious character. He uses his immense scientific knowhow and brilliant understanding of the human psyche to always pull the strings behind the curtains.

 10. Clayface – Andy Serkis

DC Villains The Batman

If there is any guy who is better known to play CGI characters in high budget movies than playing as himself it is Andy Serkis. He calls himself a ‘Cyber Thespian’ – a term of his own design to indicate his contribution to CGI effects in Hollywood movies. We all know how a CGI monster could be ruined beyond repair if done the wrong way. Doomsday is a living example of that. Clayface is someone who is a classic Batman villain and they cannot ruin his debut in the DCEU. Who else to play the CGI mayhem other than the guy who is most qualifies to do the job?

 9. Poison Ivy – Emily Blunt

DC Villains The Batman

After giving a power-packed performance in A Quiet Place and Mary Poppins Returns, Emily Blunt is the talk of the town right now. She is one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry in the present time. The DCEU should be quick enough to grab her for a role while she is still available and make her the new Poison Ivy of Gotham City. Poison Ivy is an eco-terrorist who loves plants more than she loves human beings. She will do anything to protect plant life and uses her own biological floral creations to maim and kill. She is also extremely hot in the comic book. Emily Blunt will not just fit the look but also the character description.

 8. Catwoman – Megan Fox

DC Villains The Batman

Although not necessarily a villain, she is still always found at the wrong side of the law. Catwoman is Batman’s primary love interest. In the comic books, they almost ended up marrying. Megan Fox would be perfect to play the role of Catwoman because both Catwoman is a femme fatale character and Fox has played such roles in the past. Both have a curvy figure and Fox is known to do her own stunts in some movies, something that might come in handy during the shoot. It would be interesting to see how the chemistry between Pattinson and Fox plays out on screen.

 7. Man-Bat – Doug Jones

DC Villains The Batman

Doctor Kirk Langstrom was a gifted scientist who tried to help humanity achieve new levels of biological evolution. His intentions were pure and noble. He was developing a serum that will gift any human being with the super hearing ability of a bat. The serum could have been used to help deaf people regain their sense of hearing. But his research never got enough funding and Langstrom ended up using himself as a lab rat. He soon mutated into a Bat-Human hybrid. Calling himself the Man-Bat, he terrorized Gotham before Batman took him down. Doug Jones is an actor who has already played similar characters in Guillermo Del Toro movies that are of a similar beastly genre. It is about time his talent was noticed by the DCEU.

 6. Scarecrow – Sharlto Copley

DC Villains The Batman

Sharlto Copley has made a huge name for himself in the movie-making industry. His breakout role was in District 9 – which made him a household phenomenon. Sharlto Copley then starred in Elysium, a movie in which his antagonistic role was one of the greatest highlights. Scarecrow aka Jonathan Crane is a guy who ended up getting obsessed with understanding human emotions. Later, he developed a serum that allowed him to exploit people’s greatest fears. If Sharlto Copley plays the Scarecrow, it will add more gravitas to the character. If he does that with an accent like he did in Elysium, it would be cherry on the cake.

 5. Mister Freeze – Michael Fassbender

DC Villains The Batman

His days as Magneto in the X-Men universe are probably numbered. With the Disney-Fox merger, the entire cast of the X-Men Universe barring Deadpool will most probably be recast. The DCEU could use this opportunity to help him turn coats and join their side. Michael Fassbender is known to play roles of characters that are cold and calculating like Magneto in the X-Men movies and David 8 the android in Prometheus. With Batman being played by a younger actor, why not turn time for a classic Batman villain as well?

 4. Two-Face – Jon Hamm

DC Villains The Batman

With the build of an Olympian and the voice of the Kraken, Jon Hamm could play the role of one of the most intimidating villains from Batman’s Rogues’ Gallery – Harvey Dent aka Two-Face. Hamm was in the race to play the Dark Knight itself but Robert Pattinson was chosen instead. He could still be a part of the DCEU as Two-Face. If you have seen his acting chops in Baby Driver, you would agree to bring him in as the Hero-turned Villain Crime Lord of Gotham City.

 3. The Penguin – Nick Frost

DC Villains The Batman

We have known for a long time that the Penguin is going to be in the Batman movie. Reeves confirmed it himself. After that, a lot of actors were being fan-casted to play the role. Josh Gad was one. Then there was also Paul Walter Hauser, the indie film superstar. But the one actor that best suits the role is Nick Frost. He is an actor of British decent and is more famously known as one of the main characters in the Cornetto trilogy. Nick Frost could provide some much-needed humor to the role, something Danny DeVito failed to add in his own portrayal of the character back in the ’90s.

 2. The Riddler – Hugh Laurie

DC Villains The Batman

Riddle me this – why is a raven like a writing desk? You may never know the answer to Lewis Carroll’s most classic riddle, but you will know how to solve the riddle that gives you the answer to the actor who succeeds Jim Carrey’s abysmal performance as the Riddler in Batman Forever. Hugh Laurie has played the primary character in acclaimed Medical drama series House. He has shown that he can be very sarcastic, humorous, mysterious and cryptic all at the same time. That’s the exact criteria the DCEU needs from an actor to play the Riddler.

 1. The Joker – Joaquin Phoenix

DC Villains The Batman

We end this list with the most obvious choice of them all. The Joker is the antithesis of the Batman. When Batman had a bad day, he turned to become a vigilante that serves brutal late-night justice to all evil in Gotham City. When the Joker had his “One Bad Day”, he became a psychopath whose insanity is only topped by his murderous intent. Matt Reeves has confirmed that the Batman movie will be less of a superhero movie and more of a suspense thriller detective movie with a whodunit mystery. Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the Joker has been universally acclaimed in the new Joker trailer. He may be of somewhat advanced age to do stunts but he is more than fit enough to exercise his acting chops to give a murder mystery that extra edge it so deserves. We just might be able to get a guy who can top Ledger’s Joker this time.

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