Robert Downey Jr. Gives Avengers Fans a Puzzle to Solve as a Return Gift on His Birthday

The internet was flooded with birthday posts for Robert Downey Jr. yesterday from his co-stars and fans alike. RDJ has played Tony Stark aka. Iron Man for all these years in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he was the first stone in the making of this big mansion which Marvel has created in all these years. And he, as a return gift, posted a picture of a crossword puzzle for all the Avengers fans. Although he has provided some clues, some die-hard Marvel and Robert Downey fans have already broken the puzzle apart.

Robert Downey Jr. Birthday Avengers

Iron Man, as we all know, is one of the most important superheroes of Marvel Universe. And, we realized it again when Doctor Strange saved his life and instead handed over the ‘Time Stone’ to Thanos in Infinity War. So, it’ll be interesting to know what is going to happen with Iron Man after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Will he die? Will he retire? No one knows. Well, moving to the puzzle, here’s what he posted, have a look:

Robert Downey Jr. Birthday Avengers

For the fans, who found it hard to solve should read this, as we are going to solve it for you. Taking the ‘6’ very first, it reads ‘What I’m eating all of today’. So, as it was his birthday, the answer is ‘Cake’. Moving to ‘7’, it reads ‘Me, but for the last 10 years’. This is surely the word ‘Iron Man’. After which, let’s take ‘8’, it reads as “Who I wouldn’t be here without”, and that’s for sure is his wife’s name ‘Susan Downey’.

Robert Downey Jr. Birthday Avengers

Going to the earlier ones, ‘5’ which reads “Me, today, but also Jon”. It clearly refers to ‘Happy’ in reference to Happy Hogan actor Jon Favreau who was the director of the first Iron Man, with ‘1’ stating “Me, but also Charlie”, it was for the time when he played Charlie Chaplin. Then, ‘2’ which reads “Me…but also Benedict”, he hinted towards ‘Shrelock Holmes’. ‘3’ was a lovely gesture towards fans as it reads “Also…Who I wouldn’t be here without”, as it holds for ‘Myfans’. After which, comes the easiest one  ‘4’ which reads “22 days” for ‘Endgame’

So, these were all answers to the puzzle shared by Robert Downey. But, the real and biggest puzzle will be solved when Avengers: Endgame on April 26th.

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