Game of Thrones – This Fan Theory Claims Night King is a Secret Targaryen

Since HBO’s grand fantasy adventure, Game of Thrones began its journey, we have been constantly reminded of the threat of white walkers lurking behind in the shadows. Well, the winter is finally here at Winterfell’s doorstep and Night King is coming with his massive army of the dead to lay waste to the North.

Game of Thrones Night King Targaryen

Nobody knows who he is and what he really wants (not even Bran). In the strategy meeting, Bran said that the only way for living to win this battle is to take out the Night King who gave birth to the entire army of the dead. He will come after him as he bears his mark. He wants to erase human existence to pave the way for the endless night, and for that, he is waging a war against three-eyed ravens for centuries. The only way to break the cycle from ever repeating itself is to eliminate him for good. Still, nobody knows what he wants.

Game of Thrones Night King Targaryen

In the first episode, we saw Ed (Lord Commander of Night’s watch), Tormund, Berric Dondarrion, etc. discovered the body of Lord Umber hanging by the wall with his limbs and other body parts all over. Suddenly, he came alive confirming he is now part of the undead, only to be ignited by flame-sword wielded by Berric.

Game of Thrones Night King Targaryen

Well, according to this theory, after he was lit, he depicted a symbol which is strikingly similar to Targaryen sigil i.e three dragons. This made the fans conclude that perhaps Night King is a secret Targaryen as it’s too distinct to be a coincidence.

Game of Thrones Night King Targaryen

Further, this is not the only clue which confirms Night King’s identity. In the last season, when Night King took down one of Dany’s dragons (Viserion), he turned him into a wight, rode on the undead dragon, used dragon fire to bring down the wall, thus removing the only barrier separating North of the wall. Fans believe that only Targaryens can ride dragons (both Jon Snow and Daenerys are Targaryens) which is more proof that Night King is a former member of House Targaryen.

Well, this is quite a credible theory which will hopefully be confirmed or debunked in the coming episodes.

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