10 Major Character Deaths That GOT Fans Are Desperately Waiting For

The HBO fantasy adventure show “Game of Thrones” last season began slow but it set the stage for a major plot to unravel in the coming episodes. We can’t really talk about the show without death and gore, so much so that GOT audience gets its rocks off with pain and suffering, without which they find the season less exciting (just kidding).

GOT Deaths

Well, the first episode titled “Winterfell” had a character death in the form of Lord Umber who was killed by Night King to send the message that he is coming for them. But there is so much more death that we can expect, here is the list of characters who are likely to die:

 10. Greyworm and Jorah Mormont:

GOT Deaths

He is the leader of the Unsullied who will fight the army of the dead in the third episode. The actor who plays the character said that the fans will be conflicted about him i.e he will not just die but he will come back as the undead wight. The last wish of Jorah Mormont is to sacrifice himself while serving Queen Daenerys, and glorious death in war is something which will wash off his sins.

 9. The Mountain and Hound:

GOT Deaths

He almost died once in a trial by combat with Oberyn Martell, only to be resurrected by Qybern. He is now “Queen’s Guard” for Cersei Lannister. In season 7, the fan fantasy “Cleganebowl” was actually teased and seem the best way to put an end to brother’s childhood feud once and for all. It’s not possible for Hound alone to kill Zombie Mountain, so he will possibly get help from Arya Stark who has Mountain on her kill list.

 8. Viserion:

GOT Deaths

This is the third dragon which Dany lost in the last encounter with the Night King, he turned into a wight and helped bring down the wall. It will be heart-wrenching for Daenerys to watch her son die again, but he has to go.

 7. Berric Dondarion:

GOT Deaths

He has been resurrected six times by Lord of Light as he is supposed to complete his journey and fulfill his purpose; afterwards, he can die for good. Well, we will find out what is he meant to do in the war for the dawn.

 6. Euron Greyjoy:

GOT Deaths

This guy is one of the most cunning, manipulative and dangerous men in the seven kingdoms, even Cersei is afraid of him. He will get a painful death probably at the hands of Theon Greyjoy who has unfinished business with him and the only way he can redeem himself.

 5. Jaime Lannister:

GOT Deaths

He is one of the most fascinating characters in GOT as he has undergone a major emotional arc. He decided to leave Cersei to fight for the living in his road to redemption. He said “I would like to die in the arms of the woman I love”, people believe it’s Cersei but chances are it’s Brienne of Tarth.

 4. Cersei Lannister:

GOT Deaths

She is a Queen of Seven Kingdoms but has lost all her children. She is the female equivalent of the Mad King. She is at the top of Arya’s kill list, also the Valanqar prophecy says that she will be killed by the younger brother. Guess, we will find out.

 3. Tyrion Lannister:

GOT Deaths

He survived Battle of Blackwater Bay, killed his father and then escaped King’s landing to find refuge in Dany’s campaign to reclaim Iron throne as her Hand. But he is no longer the cleverest man alive (As Sansa pointed out), he is taking one bad decision after another which will ultimately take his life.

 2. Bran Stark:

GOT Deaths

He is no longer human but three-eyed raven who can see the past, present, and future. He is a specific target that Night King wants to eliminate as he is the only entity powerful enough to stop him.

 1. Night King:

GOT Deaths

He was created by “Children of the forest” to fight against the first men. He had no choice in the matter whatsoever. He wants to destroy all living creatures for what happened to him so that there is a long night which never goes away. But as Dany said “she wants to break the wheel”, that can only happen if Night King is gone for good to prevent the cycle from ever repeating itself in the future.

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