Vision Is Now A Magician In The New WandaVision TV Spot

Vision Magician In WandaVision TV Spot:

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become an all subsuming media powerhouse. The universe now spans 23 movies, numerous online shows, and innumerable comics. The heroes of the MCU has seen this small idea evolve from the cave in Iron Man to the epic battle of Avengers: Endgame. The Marvel Cinematic Universe started with a Marvelous film. One can be sure that when Paul Bettany was asked to give the voice for Jarvis in the first Iron Man he could have never expected to don the costume of Vision and play the hero. But some years later this Vision came true and now with the Marvel Cinematic Universe entering into a completely new phase after the end of the infinity saga, it seems that WandaVision will be one of the headliners.

Both the Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany’s Vision are the center of attention in the new Marvel Disney+ show lineup. Recently we received a trailer for WandaVision. It seems that we are about to get a look at some alternate timeline or an extended what-if scenario where the Vision and Wanda are together. Maybe even happily married. Or maybe we are about to get into a show that just has them meet again and again in different settings. Regardless they are the superhero power couple in mainstream media and will now be the headliners for Marvel. They will take over our mobile and tv shows to bring us romance and adventure.

Vision Magician In Wandavision TV Spot

Even the marketing team is in full swing, they have now recently decided to release a tv spot and image hyping up the show even more. It is quite nice to see Elisabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in this setting. It seems that Marvel is trying to reach different kinds of audiences. They want to make superheroes more homely and in their attempt to do that we get a very peculiar version of our superheroes in this new TV spot.

This will the first show in the roster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be filmed like a sitcom. It is very unusual for the studio to be doing anything like that but it seems that this is the direction they have chosen to go into. It is not at all surprising that the tv spot takes it to a whole different level by showing us different versions of the heroes as they progress on. It is quite surprising however that in all settings Wanda and Vision find themselves on the same sofa.

Vision Magician In WandaVision TV Spot

All jokes aside it will be quite interesting to see Paul Bettany take the role of Vision and then try to be a magician as the tv spot shows us he can be. It will be fun to imagine Wanda as the magician’s assistant and Vision taking the role of the wizard himself, even though Wanda is the one with magical powers. The nature of the show seems to be a sitcom of the 70s. It could also be entirely possible that we find ourselves in a time when women are not treated as equal to men and Wanda may find some people to teach a lesson.

Regardless of the circumstances, Marvel fans are ecstatic about the resurfacing of Vision and the re-ignition of the power couple superhero relationship. The Wanda Vision relationship is probably one of the most stable ones from the comics. These two have been together since the dawn of the silver age of comics. Even in the age of Ultron and other major storylines, the love Vision has for Wanda has never once faded. Even when he was captured and enslaved by Ultron himself. It may be time that this love is translated over into the big screen.

Vision Magician In Wandavision TV Spot

The Disney+ shows are about to be released in a couple of weeks and we except a bombastic presentation by Wanda Vision. This couple will be a testament to all the comic book movies with a love storyline. It will be a prime example of how not to force bonding and how to showcase genuine relationships. These shows will hit the online platforms in the next couple of weeks are you excited about them as much as I am. Boy, I hope so because this is the first new content we are getting for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase IV.

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