The Stunning Connection Between Bran Stark and Night King Is Revealed

In the Season 7 finale, we saw how Night King riding on a dragon (Viserion, who has been raised from the dead) was able to bring down the wall and let his army of the dead through. The wall is not just any tall & magnificent physical structure, it’s bound by magic and can only be brought down if magic is lifted.

In Song of Ice & Fire books by George R.R Martin, it is suggested that “Horn of Winter” is an object that has the power to undo the wall’s magic. But in the TV show, the reason why Night King could do it is that of his profound connection with Bran Stark whom he marked on the wrist before.

We all know that Bran has the gift to warg into anyone. With Hodor’s death, we realized that he could warg into the humans, peep into the past and told us how White walkers were actually created. During the epic Arthur Dayne (Tower of Joy) scene we saw, he could actually make his presence felt. Well, all this technically makes him the most powerful person on the show. Everyone knows that Bran wants to make things right, but how do you make everything right when you interfere with the natural course of events and basically fuck the timeline, it finds a way to reach the ultimate conclusion and what we end up with is another bad version of events.

Further, in order to save Bran so many people have lost their lives. Hodor and Jojen Reed sacrificed themselves. But, that is acceptable as they chose to fight for him. Now, for five seasons we kept wondering why Hodor was well, “HODOR”. When we finally learned the truth, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for the big man. Great work, Bran! Hodor’s life was completely destroyed.

Another theory was that Mad King wasn’t actually mad. It is believed that he used to hear sounds of “Burn them all” that drove him to a tipping point and triggered the TARGARYEN downfall. It all resulted in a bloody massacre!

We saw how Bran is so detached from his own people. He is almost in a vegetative condition. When he saw Sansa, he didn’t emote at all. It could be because he has seen too much. Also, he had no regard for Meera Reed, who gave her everything to get him to Winterfell safely. She even lost her brother for that matter.

The new theory out these days is that Bran Stark is actually the Night King. According to this theory, in order to prevent Children of the forest from creating White Walkers in the first place, Bran warged into Night King’s body, but he couldn’t escape it in time. Thus, he got trapped and became the first White Walker. This theory could well be plausible that Bran can relate and see so much of the Night’s King. Everywhere Bran goes, destruction follows.

Night King

This theory has gained so much traction that actor Isaac Hemstead (who plays Bran Stark) commented and said that the idea is too far-fetched and asked if he looks like Night King. One GOT fan Hareem Sajjad added fuel to the theory and tweeted this:

He is basically saying that the shape of White walker horde in the end resembled House Stark sigil and that this is definitive proof of Bran Stark being Night King. He may be going overboard but there is no denying that evidence is piling up to support the theory, also it could just all be a co-incidence.

Could this be an easter-egg? Yes, it is. This could be Night’s King way of telling his army that WINTERFELL is the next target. Well, we have to wait for season 8.

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