Matt Reeves’ The Batman Rumored to be Set in The 90s

There are a lot of blankets all over the project of The Batman movie as not a lot of information about the pre-production of the film has come out so far. WB & DC are keeping mum regarding this project because we have already seen the controversial departure of Ben Affleck from the movie. But with time, it seems like the water is settling as there are rumors that the film is going to be centered around the detective skills of Batman and will be focused on the noir Batman tale with time set in the 90s.

The Batman Matt Reeves

According to Discussing Film, there are reports that director Matt Reeves’ Batman will take us on a rollercoaster ride to the 1990s where we’ll see a younger version of Batman in the film. Well, something similar has been reported by Batman News which is why I don’t think there is a lot of confusion on this.

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As there aren’t a lot of Batman stories if they’ll keep on going ahead in time, to bring something fresh in the skin of Batman, the filmmakers decided to explore his young days. In this movie, the makers are going to focus on his main title of ‘The Greatest Detective’ but, it doesn’t mean that we will see him go in Sherlock mode fully, as he’ll create a lot of gadgets and all. But, the prime focus of the film will be on his spying skills.

The Batman Matt Reeves

So, those who are expecting to see Batman fighting villains in full intensity, that too will happen. In comics also, he’s always one-step-ahead of everyone which is why seeing him in action is always a delight. But, so far nothing has been said about the casting of other characters as the main focus, for now, is on the casting of Batman. Well, only time is going to answer this, till then we will have to wait for the announcement.

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