Logan: 5 AWESOME Easter Eggs From The Second Trailer

The second trailer for the much awaited Logan film has arrived, and with it, we get a few easter eggs that may give answers to the first trailer’s mysterious characters and what the movie is truly about:

X-23 Takes The Spotlight

The first trailer had hinted that the little girl would be much more and the second trailer seems to have proved it. X-23, the clone of Wolverine is shown to be just as savage as Wolverine once was. When faced with Donald Pierce and the Reavers, Laura slowly walks towards them, claws out and ripping one of Donald’s men’s throats. The new trailer also indicated the film will be focused of Laura aka X-23.

Logan Still Smoking

Wolverine, in both comics and past movies, is always seen with a cigar in hand and mouth. The latest version of Wolverine doesn’t seem to change in that respect. He grabs a box of cigars after stopping Laura from going murderously on the gas station’s shopkeeper.

X-Men Comics Exist In Logan’s World

Logan gives fans a bit of a heads up by giving the ultimate shout out to the X-Men comics. Laura has  The Uncanny X-Men Issues 117 and 132, which Logan flips through and then says it’s not real life. James Mangold told Screen Rant:

“ It exists in a sense the same way movie stars can read their biography of their golden age in the past or sports stars may look in magazines or see replays running on ESPN of their golden moments in the past. That the comic books exist is a kind of recreation of something that happened and something that Logan is trying to run from — meaning he’s tired of the legend. He’s tired of the stories, he’s tired of the people recognizing him on the street, and he’s tired of someone holding out an action figure of him.”

Donald Pierce And the Reavers

It looks as though Donald pierce and the Reavers are in pursuit of only one thing or one person in the trailer-Laura Kinney. And there seems to be no love lost between Donald and co. when it comes to Logan. Pierce actually made his debut in Uncanny X-men 132, the same one Laura was reading. And since art imitates life in this film, looks like Donald still hates the mutants especially Wolverine.

The Man In The White Coat


The mysterious Zander Rice finally makes an appearance. In the comics, he is the scientist who created Laura Kinney and her killer reactions. The appearance is brief, looking as though he is either in pursuit of his creation or just keeping a note on what she is up to.

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