10 Best Remakes That Are Worth Watching

It won’t be wrong to say that remakes and biopics are all the rage right now and let’s just say that it doesn’t always work out because remakes are a hit or miss. There are many remakes out there that totally bombed at the box office and did not even earn as much as the originals but there are some that were way better than the original and were a huge success. These are some of the best remakes that did really well and were totally worth it.

 10. Cheaper by the dozen:

Best Remakes

Cheaper by the Dozen is a remake of a 1950 film of the same name and this 2003 movie was a light-hearted comedy that was actually based on a true story. The film did well on the box office and became a favorite family comedy with a heartwarming story. There was also a sequel later which unfortunately didn’t do as well as the first film.

 9. Freaky Friday:

Best Remakes

This is one of those movies from Lindsey Lohan’s hit era and is super funny and entertaining. The film is a remake of the 1976 film of the same name that actually had Jodi Foster in the role that Lindsay Lohan reprised. The Disney remake was a huge hit and earned more than the original which was easily forgotten after this version came out.

 8. The Departed:

Best Remakes

Another example of a good remake is the 2006 remake ‘The departed’ that went on to win multiple Oscars that year including Best Picture. The film is a remake of ‘Mou Gaan Dou’ (Internal Affairs) which was a foreign film out of Hong Kong. The Departed is probably the only remake that has ever won an Oscar and that is saying something.

 7. The Italian Job:

Best Remakes

The film starring Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron was a remake of the 1969 movie and the remake did fairly well in terms of business and was appreciated by the audience as well. The success of the movie led to a prediction that there will be a sequel called ‘The Brazillian job’ but that never happened and it is no point hoping now.

 6. I am Legend:

Best Remakes

I Am Legend is a remake of the 1971 Charlton Heston film The Omega Man and is a good example of how successful a remake can be in terms of box office earnings. The film made much more than the original and the director went on to direct many other fan-favorite movies including most of the Hunger Games series.

 5. Cinderella:

Best Remakes

This is one of the most famous Disney princess movies and the live action was simply a treat for the fans. Lily James and Richard Madden have some good chemistry and Cate Blanchett does a great job as usual. This version is a good watch for a sleepover with friends and has some extremely magical moments in there. Also, the royal ball sequence is amazing and entertaining.

 4. Beauty and the Beast:

Best Remakes

Another Disney classic that got a live-action remake recently was the fan favorite ‘Beauty and the beast’ starring the lovely Emma Watson. The film did a good job in recreating the magic of the original and even had some of the best songs. The film is visually stunning and we all know that Emma was born to play Belle.

 3. King Kong:

Best Remakes

It is true that Hollywood loves creature movies or movies with big monsters but this one is a little different as you might start feeling for the big ape in the end. This film is Peter Jackson’s vision of 1933 classic and he gave us another visually spectacular movie. The film was a success but the budget of the film was extremely high at the time.

 2. Jungle Book:

Best Remakes

The story of Mowgli has captured the hearts of millions whenever it has been adapted but people love the Disney animated version too much which made it difficult for the remake to overtake. However, the Jon Favreau film did total justice to the Disney version and even brought back the memorable songs along with our favorite characters voiced by a great star cast.

 1. A Star is Born:

There are several versions of this fan favorite film which means a lot of competition for the latest remake. However, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga starrer has proved its worth and has become an award-winning film. The chemistry between the leads is amazing and the soundtrack is so good that you will be humming the songs for a long time. This one is a must watch.

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