15 Aquaman Easter Eggs We Bet You Surely Missed in The Movie

Aquaman Easter Eggs:

With Aquaman already out in theatres, the fans of comic book lore are flocking to watch Jason Momoa play the part of the Underwater King of Atlantis of DC Comics. The movie is already raking in huge numbers as millions of viewers flock to the theatres to witness the spectacle that is Aquaman. But even with so many people as viewers for the movie, there were some Easter eggs almost everyone managed to miss. Presenting – 15 Aquaman Easter eggs we bet you surely missed in the movie!!

 1. Amnesty Bay

Aquaman Easter Eggs

When we say the name Geoff Johns, the casual moviegoers would not bat an eyelid. But the diehard comic book fans know what we are talking about. Geoff Johns is the guy who brought the Justice League into the modern 21st Century with his contribution to the DC Comic book issues. He was also the guy who did the impossible – make Aquaman look cool again. Amnesty Bay is the new home of Arthur Curry in the comics and Aquaman paid homage to Johns by making the early lighthouse scenes of the movie in the same location.

 2. Sting Ray

Aquaman Easter Eggs

In the movie, as Queen Atlanna tries to comprehend surface dweller technology aboard the lighthouse, she looks at a Television and is startled. She then throws her trident to pierce the TV. The Television at that time was playing Sting Ray, a classic stop-motion TV Show about people fighting invaders hailing from the deep ocean.

 3. Cthulhu

Aquaman Easter Eggs

H.P Lovecraft is a legendary writer of horror stories. His Lovecraftian mobsters are the stuff of legends and what nightmares are made out of. The demonic sea creature that Arthur rides at the end of the movie to put an end to the war between the brine and Atlantis is a Lovecraftian Monster! Moreover, the snow globe in the beginning of the movie is seen placed over a book called The Dunwich, a timeless classic horror novel written by the same guy.

 4. The Mother Box

Aquaman Easter Eggs

During Queen Atlanna’s time away from home in the Lighthouse with her husband and Young Arthur curry, she makes a paper craft for her new family. It has an uncanny resemblance with the Mother Box from Justice League. It is logical to think that Atlanna would know about the Mother Box Technology since she is royalty and her family was entrusted to guard one since ancient times.

 5. Devil Ray

Aquaman Easter Eggs

Black Manta’s father in the movie is played by Michael Beach. Many do not know but this is not Michael Beach’s first DC project. He has already appeared as another DC Character in the screens long ago. To be precise, he has lent his voice to a villain called Devil Ray in the Justice League Unlimited animated series for Cartoon Network. Devil Ray is a pastiche of Black Manta and was used in JLU because the series could not use Black Manta due to copyright issues.

 6. WGBS

Aquaman Easter Eggs

After Aquaman took down Black Manta and saved the crew of the downed Russian Submarine, the local news channel is seen reporting about the incident. A few details regarding the news channel’s parent network need to be highlighted. The name of the network is WGBS. In the comics, WGBS owns Daily Planet, the newspaper where Superman works as Clark Kent. Apart from that, WGBS is actually owned by Morgan Edge, a wealthy media mogul who works for Darkseid.

 7. Conan the Barbarian reference

Aquaman Easter Eggs

Before being cast as Arthur curry for the DCEU, Momoa played the well-known Barbarian called Conan the Barbarian in a movie of the same name. The scene where Arthur uses a bad guys’ body to open a hatch is straight out of the Conan the Barbarian movie. The line he delivers to the Karathen – “And if that’s not good enough, then screw you” is also a major Conan reference.

 8. Annabelle

Aquaman Easter Eggs

The doll of nightmares is there sitting silently in the deep ocean in Aquaman. James Wan is the king of new age horror. He has directed Saw, Insidious and even the Conjuring series. Aquaman paid homage to Wan’s colorful career as a Horror expert when they showed the Annabelle doll under water when Arthur and Mera open a container holding Mera’s underwater vessel.

 9. Man of Steel

Aquaman Easter Eggs

The ‘Burning Oil Rig’ scene in Man of Steel is a clear but subtle connection between Superman and Aquaman. After Clark manages to rescue all the trapped workers in the oil rig, he almost drowns in the water in the collapsing wreckage of the rig before he is rescued by Arthur Curry aka Aquaman and escorted back to the shore by a whale and her child (working under the orders of the underwater King). The same image of the burning oil rig makes yet another appearance in Aquaman in the Atlantean Throne Room as Orm tries to explain Arthur why he wants to wage war on the surface when the siblings first meet face to face in the movie.

 10. Leigh Whannell

Aquaman Easter Eggs

Leigh Whannell and James Wan are old buddies that go way back. Whannell is the guy who wrote the story for Saw, the movie that was the big break for James Wan. Whannell is the pilot of the airplane that transports Arthur and Mera to the middle of the Sahara while they are on their search for the Deserter Kingdom. Wan is currently a big name in the industry while Whannell has become one recently after his critically acclaimed directorial Upgrade.

 11. Fisherman King

Aquaman Easter Eggs

The Fisherman King is played by an Actor who starring in not just one but three superhero movies either releasing this year or the next one. Djimon Hounsou who shot to fame after starring in Never Back Downn is the Fisherman King in Aquaman. He also plays Korath the Pursuer in Captain Marvel and GOTG Volume 1 as well as the Wizard in Shazam!

 12. Dinosaur Island

Aquaman Easter Eggs

After Mera and Arthur make it through the Trench and end up being sucked through the portal into the Centre of the Earth, they find an island sitting right in the middle of it. This is Dinosaur Island, the legendary DC Comics location that houses the Dinosaurs extinct everywhere else on the planet.

 13. Mary Poppins

Aquaman Easter Eggs

After Disney decided to remake the classic fantasy drama called Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews, who played the titular character in the original movie, refused an offer for a cameo in the new one. But she does appear in a way in Aquaman. Julie Andrews voices the Karathen in the movie, the creature that guarded the Trident of Poseidon, almost beat Arthur Curry to a pulp and later helped him unite the seven Kingdoms under him to stop the war against the surface.

 14. Dr. Shin

Aquaman Easter Eggs

Dr. Shin looks like a useless, rambling nerd in the movie. But trust us, he is a grave threat to Aquaman and Atlantis. The single most important reason the world does not see a threat in Atlantis comes from the fact that the former thinks the latter does not exist. In the comics, Dr. Shin is the one who changed all that. He made the existence of Atlantis known to everyone. With him now being paired up with Black Manta, his immense knowledge about the Underwater Kingdom will be of incredible aid to him.

 15. Coast City

Aquaman Easter Eggs

The first movie that DC tried to use to kick off an official DC movie universe is not Man of Steel. It is Green Lantern. Although the movie is largely forgotten, the superhero is a big name in the comic books which is why both Justice League and Aquaman have mentioned them in the movie. In Aquaman, Dr. Shin’s humble aboard has several newspaper clippings stuck to the wall containing news of the Aquaman. One of the newspaper clippings is from the coat City Ledger, which is home to the Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

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