The Internet Chooses The Heroes Who Are Really The Villains of Their Stories

We live in an era where a majority of the films and other cinematic mediums tell us stories with the heroes conquering the villains against all odds. But once in a while, we see the films where the heroes end up defeated and it is the villains who have the last laugh. And some diverse films portray heroes, who if you think about it are really the villains of their stories. Without their actions, nothing would have really gone wrong, and things would have been totally fine. Take a little example of Tom & Jerry. Who grow up laughing at the cat and mouse, but it is when you grow up, you end up realizing that Jerry is the big villain that actually instigates Tom and constantly gives him a real hard time.

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Just like that, there are some big heroes in films, that are supposedly the heroes, but their actions may support another cause altogether. A new question was tweeted by University of Massuchusetts-Amherst professor Paul Musgrave, where he asked the students “What superficial hero was really the villain?” and here’s what the various pop culture fans chose as their top picks:

Well, kinda right but this is going to piss off a whole lot of fans! Other heroes chosen by the people include the likes of top guns like Superman, Batman and most of all Iron Man.

Well, I personally don’t agree with Cap being the villain of Age of Ultron in any way or form. The blame should go to the shell head we will talk about real soon. Cap although could be considered as the bad guy of Civil War. Well, he was trying to do the right thing saving his best friend against all odds, but doing that really cost everything. Most importantly it broke the Avengers apart, which in turn led to the defeat of the Avengers against Thanos. You kinda feel pity for Tony here, as he was trying to do the right thing on his part as well.

This statement here is absolutely right as a major cause of many problems in the MCU is Tony. His work has led to some lethal ramifications. Sure he means well and wants the greater good of the society, but his negligence at certain points is what led to the origin of his villains. Iron Monger, Aldrich Killian, most importantly Ultron. His rigidity was also the result of the Civil War. So, Tony should actually do us all a favour and stop working!

Batman sure is better than Tony Stark, but he does have an awful lot of similarities. Still, that doesn’t make him the villain. He is a criminal that takes the law into his own hands and regularly opposes the law enforcement units. His actions also led to the creation of villains like the Red Hood. He has this no killing rule which films are not following these days for some reason, but moving that aside, how do you think that killing isn’t fine but multiple contusions to the body that break the person completely, is okay?

The only reason Superman should be considered as the villain is given up here. The destruction factor does end up being prevalent, but Sups just can’t help it. Sure he could have taken the Zod fight away from the city, but the battle was not completely in his control. So, Superman isn’t a complete villain here, but he sure is within the Injustice Storyline!

For the same reason, we cannot consider Hulk to be the righteous hero. Age of Ultron was enough proof that Hulk could level an entire city if he goes rogue. He hasn’t even faced the consequences of what he did in Age of Ultron. So, what good is a hero if he doesn’t face the consequences of his action just as the villains do?

Other popular choices as you can see, include Shrek, Mr. Incredible and Captain Picard. Many stories do make us feel that we have been supporting the wrong person all along. Thanos is the biggest villain in the MCU, and while we wanna see his big purple ass kicked, there are many people who actually support the motion that Thanos was right! So let’s continue this debate in the comments section. Give us your picks for the question asked above.

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