Captain Marvel Theory: Kree Are Actually The Bad Guys

Captain Marvel Theory:

The trailer to Marvel’s next venture (Captain Marvel) dropped on Dec 3rd, 2018. Ever since then the Marvel fandom has been set ablaze with anticipation. The internet community has taken to scouring through the limited footage we received of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Theory Kree

But the studio is too shrewd to leave the major plot details out in the open. What is Disney planning? This is the question, stinging every MCU fan’s mind. Let’s dissect the footage. We do have in hopes of discerning something that can reveal plot detail about the upcoming Avengers movie.

Captain Marvel Theory Kree

The Captain Marvel trailer was heard like a bullet around the online comic community but there was only one problem. The internet, at this particular moment, was prepared for something far more explosive than just a bullet. We were waiting for the Avengers: Endgame trailer.

Captain Marvel Theory Kree

However, the Captain Marvel trailer presented some rather interesting facts that reveal invaluable information about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you have any background of reading comics, then you know that writers like using a very particular physics theory as their dues ex machina, even more often than they would ever care to admit.

Captain Marvel Theory Kree

Yes, I am of course talking about the multiverse theory. The comic writers use the multiverse theory as a source of both adventure and untapped freshness. If I had a penny for every time this theory has been used to start a brand New franchise…. But the fact remains, it is this very theory that forms the basis of the existence of the Marvel Cinematic Universe independent from our own universe and the canon Earth-616 universe.

Captain Marvel Theory Kree

From the recent Captain Marvel theory it can be seen that the Kree are shown to be race of ‘noble warrior heroes’ and Carol Danvers now forms a part of this race along with the character of Jude Law who seems to be playing Yon-Rogg, a commander of the Kree armed forces. The trailer also shows glimpses of Skrulls in New York, disguised of course, as Skrulls always are, but we at QuirkyByte think that there is more to the plot of Captain Marvel than the trailer lets on.

Captain Marvel Theory Kree

After all, rule no 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that ‘Marvel Studios’ loves to lie to its fans to prevent any pertinent plot details from leaking (We saw this with the eye patch in Ragnarok and the Hulk appearance in Infinity War) That is the part we miss because we believe in Marvel, and that belief is not always rewarded with honesty.

Captain Marvel Theory Kree

Consider this theory on the Captain Marvel trailer:

The theory starts off based on the trailer where we see Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers introduces us to the Kree race. She talks about ‘her people’ to Nick Fury (who seems to be her contact on earth). She talks about the Kree with empathy and pride in her voice, even vehemently corrects Fury’s description of the Kree from ‘noble warriors’ to ‘noble warrior heroes’. But there is something amiss with this entire plot. You see, any true comic fan worth his salt knows that the Kree are not all that noble. In fact, they are just as bad as the Skrulls.

The Kree are a warrior race and they will do anything and everything to maintain that stance including supporting rogue outlaws. And we know for a fact that this is exactly how they function in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How you ask? Well, don’t you remember Guardians of the Galaxy.

The main antagonist of that movie was Ronan The Accuser and before his dishonorable discharge (which was actually a coup from the Kree government to cleverly disguise his acts and circumvent the truce pact between Xandar and the Kree empire) he was a commander in the Kree army.

The Kree don’t exactly have a very noble history in the Marvel universe (both comics and the cinematic universe). They are known to be extremely vicious and war driven race. So it makes sense that Marvel will continue to use this paradigm through Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Weapon

It remains to be seen how and when this will play out. I guess we will have to wait for Captain Marvel to come out to find out. But it will be a good bet to assume that Kree will turn out to be just as rotten as the Skrulls by the time the credits roll on Captain Marvel.

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