Here are the Box Office Predictions of Every Superhero Movie Coming in 2019

2019 is probably going to be the biggest year for Hollywood. 2018 has created a massive Box Office record, but 2019 will surely go past that! While there are a whole lot movies and TV shows of all genres coming out, the next year will actually be the biggest year for Superhero movies. 2018 has brought in 9 Superhero movies, but 2019 brings us 10 which makes a new record for the maximum number of comic book films in a year. Well, we would have got 11 films but Wonder Woman 1984 has been pushed back to 2020. So, let’s just predict the total worldwide Box Office earnings of all the Superhero films coming out in 2019.

Captain Marvel – $830-850 Million

Black Widow Wonder Woman

The Marvel brand is literally huge now, and everything coming under the wing of MCU ends up making immense amounts of profit. Black Panther because a cultural phenomenon this year and it actually made $1.3 Billion at the Box Office. Captain Marvel probably has an even bigger hype than that as it is Marvel’s first ever female led film. If things could go insanely well at the opening weekend then the movie might even cross a Billion Dollars, but to put a safe bet right now, let’s just say that it will end somewhere around $850 Million. It comes out on March 8.

Shazam! – $500-520 Million

Box Office Predictions of Every Superhero Movie Coming in 2019

A lot of Shazam!’s success could depend upon Aquaman, but if Aquaman does end up producing enough juice for the DCEU, then Shazam! could actually turn out to be pretty profitable. Think of Shazam! as the MCU’s Ant-Man. He is not the most popular DC Superhero, but people had a great reaction to the first trailer. It seems to be a fun and light-hearted movie which will surely cross $500 Million worldwide if it turns out to be any good. Release – April 5.

Hellboy – $150-175 Million

Hellboy David Harbour

David Harbour’s Hellboy does seem to look pretty bad-ass. But given that the film has an R-Rating and the general awareness for Hellboy is not as much as any other Marvel or DC Superhero film, Lionsgate studios should consider themselves very lucky if they cross the $150 Million mark. The earnings of the film could easily be bogged down by the immense competition that surrounds the film.

Avengers 4 – $2.1 Billion+

Avengers 4 Title Mark Ruffalo

Avengers: Infinity War managed to bring in $2.046 Billion at the worldwide Box Office. People were insanely excited about the film and that resulted in such huge numbers, but the hype for Avengers 4 is even bigger than what it was for Infinity War. Marvel hasn’t released a trailer yet and still all people are talking about is Avengers 4. This film will probably break all MCU Box Office records, and it may just beat Titanic ($2.187 Billion) to become the second highest grossing film of all time. Release – May 3, 2019.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – $430-450 Million

Deadpool Thanos Snap Infinity War Kevin Feige

The excitement for the core X-Men franchise is completely dead! X-Men: Apocalypse deteriorated the quality of the films and honestly, with people knowing about the Disney Fox deal and Wolverine not being in the film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix should consider itself very lucky if it even crosses $430 Million worldwide. People are just bored of the franchise now, and they just want to get over with it. With all the problems the film has suffered backstage this film may prove our prediction wrong and bring in somewhere around just $300 Million. Release – June 7.

Spider-Man: Far From Home – $900-950 Million

Spider-Man: Far From Homeom Holland

Box Office is a very unpredictable but for Spider-Man in the MCU, it is always massive. China will have a huge role to play in the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, and this time the film will surely cross the $900 Million mark. Spidey hasn’t broken the $Billion mark yet, but let’s not dream that big yet. Even though it is an MCU film, it is still technically a Sony movie, so another reason for them to get really happy. Release – July 5.

New Mutants – $200 Million Max

Stan Lee Marvel

With the amount of bad blood that this film carries, it will be a miracle if it ends up making it to the theatres and not being fully cancelled. The first trailer of the film seemed pretty promising, but we don’t know what to expect with all the reshoots and everything. If it does get a theatrical release, the film will still not make more than $200 Million any way. Release – August 2.

Joker – $620-640 Million

Box Office Predictions of Every Superhero Movie Coming in 2019

Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker seems to be extremely promising considering the set photos and videos that we have seen. WB sure seems to be trying to gauge an audience that really loved the legendary Heath Ledger performance. Joaquin Phoenix is certainly a remarkable actor and the film will probably work pretty well with Phoenix’s unique take upon the character. It sure has the potential to cross $620 Million and beat the likes of Ant-Man and the Wasp & Logan. Release – October 4.

Terminator 6 – $550 Million

Box Office Predictions of Every Superhero Movie Coming in 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s final Terminator film will be a big success at the Box Office because of the amazing cast and creatives involved with the film. James Cameron is helping out with the screen writing and Deadpool Director Tim Miller is in the Director’s chair. If this film brings out a good story then it will certainly end up making the most amount of earnings within the Terminator franchise. Current prediction lies at $550 Million. Release – November 1.

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