17 Bollywood Movies That Are Underrated

Bollywood Movies That Are Underrated:

Bollywood is one of the largest film industries in the world. Almost close to a hundred movies are released each year. These include big-budget movies, not so big budget movies and movies that are made on low budgets. All these movies have one thing in common, they aim to make maximum profits and entertain their audiences to the maximum. What defines a hit and a flop is a fine line that differentiates between a good script that talks quality. Irrespective of the star cast, if the movie has a good storyline and plot it is deemed for success.

The masala movies that foot the regular Bollywood tag tend to do well. But then there are some that are a little hatke. Little experiments and dare that the directors and actors attempt to coalesce the reality with fiction.

There have been movies that came but were unable to cause a stir. These movies over a period of time have gained a fan following. These have been the most underrated. Listed below are the Bollywood movies that are underrated:


Set in Benaras on the ghats of the Ganges the movie follows two of its protagonists. A reality that won critical acclaim at Cannes the movie won much acclaim.

Salaam Bombay

Directed by Mira Nair the movie is about the children who live off the streets of Mumbai. The film got the National Award for best film and was nominated as India’s entry to the Oscar’s.

Black Friday

Based on the Mumbai Blasts of 1993 the movie was as real as it could get.


An action thriller on the organized crime in the 90’s in Uttar Pradesh and how the police tackled the grim situation.

Do Dooni Chaar

The struggle of a middle-class family to buy a car. The film won a national award and is set in Delhi.


Based on British India’s Chittagong uprising the movie stars Manoj Bajpai in the lead. The movie despite winning a National Award the movie couldn’t do well at the box office.


A biopic on the life of a lawyer and human rights activist Shahid Azmi who had two landmark cases to his credit the 2006 Mumbai train bombings and the 2008 Mumbai attacks.


Based on the groom kidnappings so prevalent in Bihar the movie addressed a very serious social issue plaguing society. The film won a National Award for best film on social issues.


The growing gender imbalance is the focus of the film and it talks of a future without women in the near future.

I Am Kalam

The story os a young Rajasthani boy who is inspired by the former president of India Late APJ Abdul Kalam. The movie won many awards worldwide but failed to impress the audiences in India.


The movie capture the innocence of childhood and the fears and joys of a boy sent to live in a hostel away from his family and friends.


A beautiful movie full of depth and unspoken emotions directed by Rituparna Ghosh. The movie won the National Award for the best feature film.

My Brother Nikhil

The story of a man diagnosed with AIDS. Set in the late ’80s when it was a big taboo in society. Played by Sanjay Suri, receives support only from his sister (Juhi Chawla) and his boyfriend (Purab Kohli).   

Dil Dosti Etc.

The movie explored the uncertainties of the college years.


The movie was set in Rajasthan and is about a member of the erstwhile royal family who stakes claim to the lands and wants to go back to the days of royalty.

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi

Set against the backdrop of the Indian Emergency and revolves around three young people in the 1970s. the movie won many awards and critical acclaim too.

Hindi Medium

Bringing the stark reality of the educational system in India to the fore, the film was a satire on our love for everything English.

These movies have a limited viewership and deserve much more. Whether they were overshadowed by big releases or big stars these movies are worth watching and deserve the attention. Hindi movies are not just about the big actors or the big banners, it is about the small packets of joy that bring creativity to the forefront.

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