10 Things That Prove Scarlet Witch is The Strongest Avenger in MCU

We all know that all the members of the Avengers team are quite incredible and in order to call one of them the most powerful will need a lot of good points and today we are going to talk about one of the Avengers, who has been in a lot of pain since its debut and whenever something good happens to this her, fans don’t get happy or excited as they always know that something bad is on its way. Yes, we are talking about Scarlet Witch who made a great entrance in the MCU but has lost her brother and lover since then and has been in a lot of pain.

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Scarlet Witch MCU She’s a character for which a lot of fans were really eager and also excited to see but there is a lot of sympathy in the hearts of Marvel fans for this character and at the same time they also have a lot of respect for the powers she possess which makes her the strongest Avenger in the whole MCU.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

So, with a statement like this, we should talk about the things which support and clarifies this statement. So, here are the things which clarify that the Scarlet Witch is the Avenger who is on the top spot in terms of powers and also in terms of facing the pain.

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 1. Telepathic Powers:

Scarlet Witch MCU

We all know what telepathic powers mean and we also know their impact and if Scarlet Witch has these powers then it positioned her on one of the top positions already as we have seen the glimpses of her amazing and incredible telepathic powers in the movie Captain America: Civil War.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

In the movie, we saw that it was Wanda who controlled the impact of the blast which was done by Crossbones in the movie. We know that she was unable in order to do the job perfectly but we all know that she was still on the learning curve and no wonder we have seen an improvised version of Wanda in the later part of the movie.

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 2. Mistress Of Magic:

Scarlet Witch MCU

The history of Scarlet Witch is quite complicated and very long as we have seen in 616’s panels that she holds a lot of different and great magic and the reason of this is that she is a nexus being and is just like many another nexus who are present in every different parallel world and acts like a strong nod for all the mystic energy of their world.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

Also, her powers have been increased after all the evolutionary and scientific experiments were done on her. This resulted in making her even more powerful and lethal.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

We have seen in the comic series which came back in 2015, whose 15 issues came out and in those we saw that Wanda is travelling all over the globe in order to see different kinds of magic traditions and during that explore she utilizes a lot of new magic spells for the problems she faced. This eventually, made her very knowledgeable and also the mistress of magic because she knows a lot of different magic tricks.

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 3. She Broke An Infinity Stone In Pieces:

Scarlet Witch MCU

We all know how much power an Infinity stone holds and we have seen that many times in the movies of the MCU and we all will agree that it’s not easy to beat the beholder of an Infinity Stone.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

But when we saw in the movie Avengers: Infinity War that Wanda destroyed the Infinity stone then that was the moment enough to announce that she is the most powerful Avenger from all those others as in order to destroy an Infinity stone you should have more powerful powers than the powers of an Infinity stone and Wanda have that.

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 4. Impressive And Lethal:

Scarlet Witch MCU

In the events of House of M, we saw all the powers Wanda has, as in that, we saw that Wanda went absolutely mad after realizing that her children are figments of her own imagination which led to her mental breakdown and she started trying to shift the reality and she did it a lot of times and it was none other than Charles Xavier who quickly senses the danger as every time Wanda does the shifting, her mental health suffers a lot.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

Xavier was the one who knows that Wanda is going to make a world without mutants and we all know that she can do this by reshaping the whole reality in a spin if she goes mad or wants to someday. So, she has a very incredible power as she can shift the reality.

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 5. She Knows About Your Fears:

Scarlet Witch MCU

Think about a superhero that has the power to know about the fears of his opponents, yes, the fears, the darkest and greatest fears of a person then shows those fears to him.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

Surely, this is going to do a lot of damage to that person and you’ll feel jealous of Wanda obviously because she has this power also as we saw in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron that she shows Tony Stark a glimpse of his darkest fears in which Tony saw that all his friends are dead and he saw an invasion of his planet earth. It’s really a great power in order to break your enemies mentally.

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 6. She Can Create Life:

Scarlet Witch MCU

We all know that Wanda can’t have children of her own because she fell in a love with Vision and we all know that Vision doesn’t fulfill the requirements needed for making babies with her beloved Wanda. As we saw in the comics West Coast that she created her children through her mystical powers but again the pain came to her when she realized that her children aren’t real and are projected by her own mind.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

The result was as heartbreaking as her children faded away and in the end, her children were reincarnated but born in someone else and also they never recognize Wanda as their mother. The children were Wiccan and Speedball.

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 7. She Can Manipulate You:

Scarlet Witch MCU

One of the most known and useful powers of Wanda is that she can manipulate people and can make them do whatever she wants. This is a really frightening power and makes Wanda really powerful and many of her opponents lose because of this power because she manipulates them by entering into their minds and then nothing is left there for them in order to fight against her. The last thing to clarify the impact of this power of manipulation we all have seen what she did to Hulk at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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 8. She Can Play With Probability:

Scarlet Witch MCU

This is going to be a lot difficult to understand but if you’ll understand this, then I think it’s going to leave not a single room for the possibility that she isn’t the most powerful Avenger in the MCU and instead of that, I think this is going to tell us that she is one of the most powerful superheroes of the MCU.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

In the Scarlet Witch #3 which came back in 1994 we saw that when one of the enemies of Wanda launched a magic spell in her direction, she simply changes the chances of that spell harming her or the impact of that spell. Yeah, it’s simply ridiculously impressive because I don’t think there’s any argument now because she can control even the possibilities and it’s hard to think about the things she doesn’t have control on.

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 9. The Queen Of ‘The Battle Of Wakanda’:

Scarlet Witch MCU

We all saw what Wanda is capable when we saw the way she tossed and tore the alien tanks apart after entering into the battle of Wakanda when even the strongest and most skilled warriors of Wakanda start having a tough time.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

She was the one who makes us believe that Avengers is going to be alive till the entry of Thanos as before Wanda it seems like the alien ships are enough for some Avengers and also for the warriors of Wakanda. Also, we know what Wanda did after finishing that fight as she destroyed the infinity stone in pieces.

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 10. Everyone Wants Powers Of Wanda:

Scarlet Witch MCU

We have seen a lot of times in the comics that there are a lot of villains out there in the history of Wanda who wants her powers by manipulating her or by controlling her. We all know they’ve been failed in their attempts time and time again.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

But, every villain from Doctor Doom to Hydra Cap, everyone knows about all these powers and they really want to gain them by doing damage to the mental health of Wanda as this is the only way when she can lose control over her senses and will not be able to differentiate between right and wrong and also in between good and bad.

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Scarlet Witch MCU

So, all these points clearly show that Wanda is the strongest and one of the most powerful characters of MCU. What do you think about the powers of Wanda? Tell us in the comments section below.

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