‘The Flash’ Namedrops Major Batman Foe, Signalling Towards ‘Elseworlds’ Villain!

We all know that the latest episode of ‘The Flash’ is out and has already solved a lot of mysteries and confusions about Caitlin’s father and also the killer frost. But, there was the name of popular and major Batman villains in the episode which could be a possible signal towards the incoming of that character in ‘The Elseworlds’.

The Flash Caitlin Snow

After finding Thomas Snow, it has been opened in the show that Thomas was suffering from ALS and has also experimented cryogenics in order to cure himself of the deadly ALS. But, with the intake of cryogenics, Thomas became immune and has beaten the effects of dangerous ALS but in the process of taking cryogenics, Thomas got himself in the hands of some kind of more insane disease and about this disease Thomas got to know after failing to stand up on his feet and falling on the ground one day.

The Flash Caitlin Snow

When he met Caitlin, he told her that, When I first came here, I stayed in contact with scientists Louise Lincoln, Victor Fries, and Harrison Wells,” Thomas explained. “Dr. Wells was able to give me full access to STAR Labs’ video uplink.”

So, taking the name of Victor Fries can bring back a lot of memories of the villain into the minds and hearts of Batman fans. He is one of the classic villains who has been there for a very long time because of the kind of pain they can deliver to their enemies and also to Batman in particular as we all know that he is one of the biggest enemies of Batman. Victor Fries has a lot of names as in the year 1959 when the #121 of Batman came out, he made his debut in it with the name Mr. Zero.

flash elseworlds batman villain

But, in the #373 of Detective Comics, we can easily see that his name changed into Mr. Freeze. Usually, we haven’t seen enough of his family but saw his wife Nora when she entered into the scene in the ‘Heart of Ice’, which was also the Emmy Award-winning episode back in 1992 of Batman: The Animated Series.

The Flash Rag Doll All Doll'd Up

After marrying Nora, Fries came to know that she is diagnosed with a very dangerous disease whose cure isn’t available at that time as her terminal disease was really deadly and in order to save her, he simply froze her down so that she’ll live long enough to find the cure of her disease.

flash elseworlds batman villain

But, while he was busy finding all kinds of a solution in order to bring back her wife from the hands of that deadly disease. He got attacked by some people and during the fight the chemicals in the lab got open and it was none other than Fries who got into the contact of all these chemicals which transformed him into what he is today, a villain whose name has changed again and now is Mr. Freeze.

Elseworlds Stephen Amell Arrow

There were reports some months ago that Cassandra Jean Amell is going to be the part of the Arrowverse crossover ‘The Elseworlds’ but no one really knows about the role she is going to play and after some time that was also revealed that she is going to play the role of Nora Fries and with the mention of her husband’s name in the show there are chances alive again that maybe we will see something of her husband in the Elseworlds too.

flash elseworlds batman villain

Also, talking about the connections, there was also a name which hints towards the connectivity between ‘The Flash’ and ‘The Elseworlds’ as the other name which Thomas Snow said was of Louise Lincoln, who is the one who has killed Killer Frost in order to become the new Killer Frost by using all the experiments on her. She has been a big part of many teams such as Injustice League, Suicide Squad, Legion of Doom, and many more.

So, we can clearly see that there are a lot of connections waiting to tie all the angles of ‘The Elseworlds’ with all other shows of the Arrowverse. So, are you really excited for the premiere of Elseworlds or not? Tell us in the comments section below.

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