25 Times Fans Reimagined Their Favorite Marvel Superheroes As Oldies

Superhero, the first thing which comes into our mind is them being muscular, with superpowers, inhuman strength, young and energetic. But here we bring you the shocking images where fans reimagined their favorite Marvel superheroes as oldies which will blow your minds:

The Hulk

Marvel Superheroes As Oldies


So old, Iron Man!

Be Careful, Thor!


Adorable, Captain America!

Still Fighting!

Daredevil And His Dog!

Black Widow

New Look of Kitty Pryde!

Aww, Rogue!

He Still Got It!

Reporting For Duty Sir!

The Punisher

The Mighty Thor!

Old Iron Man!

Still Smashing!

Old Man Logan!

Haha, Deadpool!


Doctor Strange Playing Chess With Genie!


Still Swinging!

Ohh, The Classic Tony Stark!

Poor, Thor!

Marvel Superheroes As Oldies!

Pooja Singh

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