List of Best Unknown Romcoms Movies That Are A Must-Watch

Who doesn’t like a romantic comedy? I’m sure there is hardly anyone who at one time or another hasn’t shed a tear or two after watching a comedy filled with romance. These gratifying romcoms surely know how to change your mood. Surrounded by the tickling laughter and gentle love, these romcoms can lift your vein. There are some classic remedies that are on air and then there are some unknown romcoms which have left a silent mark on all hearts. These movies show that romcoms have a long history of excellent films that couples can enjoy together. Here is a list of the best unknown romcoms:

 1. Cashback

Best Unknown Romcoms

It is a movie about Ben who after a breakup can’t get over his lost love. Ben gets a night job at a grocery store and gets the ability to freeze time where he undresses women shoppers and draws them without permission.

 2. Broken Flowers

The movie is about an aging bachelor who receives a letter from an ex-lover claiming they had a son together and that he is looking for him. The film explores the notion of past relationships and how they play into our present and shape who we are. Plus the movie has great deadpan humour, an intriguing mystery and Bill Murray in one of his best performances ever.

 3. Cyrus

Best Unknown Romcoms

This movie is a romantic comedy about Schlubby John who is having problems moving on after a divorce. After a drunken night, he meets Molly and they start a romantic journey. However, she is secretive about her son Cyrus and keeps him away from meeting Schlubby. Despite having one of the most bizarre premises and relationships ever, this movie is very touching, as awkward as it is.

 4. I Love You, Philip Morris

Best Unknown Romcoms

It is a romedy with Jim Carrey and Evan McGregor are gay lovers. An unusual love story about the two.

 5. Sleepwalk with Me

Best Unknown Romcoms

The movie is about relationships and the nature of romance instead of a boy chasing a girl (and vice versa). Sleepwalk with Me is written and directed by the star of the movie, comedian Mike Birbiglia. It is his real-life account of him dealing with sleepwalking that was induced by stress. That stress stems from him struggling to be a comedian and the pressure he feels from his family to marry his long-term girlfriend Abby (Lauren Ambrose).

 6. The Science of Sleep

Best Unknown Romcoms

The story follows the incredibly inventive Stéphane (Gael García Bernal) who has problems when he sleeps; he often confuses dreams with reality. Though a little confusing at times, it is hilarious.

These best unknown romcoms all have tales to tell when they bring a smile not only on the lips but also in the hearts.

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