30 Avengers Fan-Casting Images Which Are Better Than The Existing Ones

Everybody wanted to be a superhero and when it comes to celebrities they just never fail to blow us away with their fantastic looks and makeover. Fans have made this entirely amazing by turning out these celebrities into something we never thought can be possible. Check out the list of Avengers Fan-Casting images which we got better than the existing ones:

Nathan Fillion As Ant-Man


Avengers Fan-Casting

Alison Brie As Captain America

Charlie Hunnam As Hawkeye

Joaquin Phoenix As Doctor Strange

Emily Blunt As Black Widow

John Krasinski

Georgina Campbell As Gamora

Donald Glover As Spider-Man

Hugh Laurie As Doctor Strange

Sandra Bullock As Iron Man

Jason Momoa As Drax

Jennifer Lawrence As Lady Thor

Jensen Ackles As Hawkeye


Jensen Ackles As Spider-Man

John Boyega As Black Panther

Johnny Depp As Doctor Strange

Lily Collins As Scarlet Witch

Matt Bomer As Iron Man

Michael Fassbender As Star-Lord

Milla Jovovich As Black Widow

Ryan Gosling As Quicksilver

Rachel Weisz As She-Hulk

Rooney Mara As Loki

Rosario Dawson As She-Hulk

Aaron Paul As Star-Lord

Teresa Palmer As Quicksilver

Morena Baccarin As The Wasp

Amber Heard As Thor

Tom Cruise As Iron Man

Willa Holland As Spider-Girl

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