Venom Movie Review Round Up is in and it May Not be a Total Disaster

Venom will be out in just a couple of days but we do have the general consensus to the film and it is not something you may like. Venom is a very beloved comic book character and Sony seems to have screwed him up not once, but twice now! The Rotten Tomatoes score for the film just came in and it currently stands at 30% and will probably stay there. We also have the review round-up for the film which basically claims that the movie will be fun but at the same time it will not be something that you may have been hyped for. It is not something you are going to remember. So here’s the Venom Movie Review Roundup:

Venom Movie Review Round Up’s Brandon Davis wrote:

“The action sequences are very entertaining, often offering a sense of raw terror and grit. Many push the boundaries for the MPAA’s PG-13 rating, as the film also makes full on its quota for colorful language. Fans of the character will also love to see Venom’s wild tongue letting loose in clouds of smoke before he takes out an entire SWAT team. However, the movie could have only thrived if it came before The Incredible Hulk — or about five years before The Incredible Hulk. It not only offers vibes of that decade old Marvel movie in its CGI fights but also feels a bit creatively dated by comparison to today’s super hero epics.

Inevitably, Venom shows clear plans for sequels and expansions, but the studio should take a look at the few bits of Venom which worked and scrap the larger portions which didn’t if they’re going to continue. That said, more of Tom Hardy in this part wouldn’t be the worst thing to come of it.”

venom final trailer

The Hollywood Reporter’s Todd McCarthy had to say:

“A significant problem in a film full of them is that Eddie comes off as a dope, an eager dufus hardly convincing as a boundary-pushing journo or someone who can out-think a titan of technology. Whatever his shortcomings as a journalist or a mate, the character needed a deep repository of intelligence and resourcefulness that is nowhere detectable; he’s all Basset Hound and no German Shepherd. Hardy has always had a terrific screen bearing and presence, but this may be his least interesting role and performance.”

Ruben Fleischer Spiderman’s Cameo In Venom

Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Nashawaty said:

“Venom isn’t quite bad, but it’s not exactly good either. It’s noncommittally mediocre and, as a result, forgettable. It just sort of sits there, beating you numb, unsure of whether it wants to be a comic-book movie or put the whole idea of comic-book movies in its crosshairs. It never rises above bombastic and busy — which is something I never thought I’d say about a movie starring three aces like Hardy, Ahmed, and Williams. Visually, which is the only thing really going for it, Venom has a stylishly gloomy Nolan-does-Gotham vibe. But Venom, the character, never comes into focus until the last five minutes, when it finally, at long last, starts to get interesting. Until then, he’s just another bit of secondary Marvel IP who scowls and growls, and never shows us why he should be headlining his own movie.”

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So, reading what these websites have to say about the film, there is still a Gilmour of hope for the fans as Venom may not be a great movie, but the people who have been hyped about the film would probably have a fun time in the theatres. It could be just like the Justice League as it did the character right, but everything else, not so much!

We do know for a fact that we should not expect this film to achieve great leaps and bounds, but we could hope to have a decent time watching the film. They are planning to set up a whole Cinematic Universe and Jared Leto’s Morbius is going to be the next anti-hero in, coming out probably in 2020. So for a long-term basis, we could expect Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters to be successful if Venom turns out to be profitable for Sony even after the initial backlash that it is getting.

It comes out on October 5.

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