10 Things That Hurt The Harry Potter Series

All bibliophiles wait for their favorite books to be adapted to the big screen and when it happens we all wait to compare it with our beloved books. The Harry Potter series which is probably one of the most loved series ever did a lot of things right and amazing but there are things that the movies got wrong or changes that just didn’t work out on the screen.

 10. Leaving out Peeves:

Harry Potter Series

The one who has never read the books probably don’t know who Peeves is and that in itself was a big mistake of the makers. Peeves is a poltergeist at Hogwarts and his main job is to annoy the student and bully them. However, at the end of the series, even Peeves can be seen fighting for Hogwarts and it would have been a great thing to see in the movies.

 9. Casting Bonnie Wright as Ginny:

Harry Potter Series

Ginny Weasley is one of the least favourite characters from the movies even though her character is very interesting in the books and she is a talented young girl. The casting of Bonnie Wright wasn’t the best decision as she was too expressionless and had zero chemistry with Dan. The movies totally spoiled her character while writing it and Bonnie Wright’s portrayal didn’t help either.

 8. Never showing Charlie Weasley:

Harry Potter Series

Not every character from the books makes it to the movies and Charlie Weasley is one such character. The second eldest Weasley son who existed only in our imagination never appeared in the movies even though he does appear in the last book fighting alongside his family.

 7. Harry and Dudley’s Deleted Scene:

Harry Potter Series

When the Dursleys are leaving Dudley actually comes to say goodbye to Harry and says “I don’t think you are a waste of space”. This scene was taken from the book and was crucial to explain Dudley’s character and his relationship with his cousin. Dudley was never given a chance to redeem himself and this scene could have established that bond between him and Harry.

 6. The Deleted Scene with Aunt Petunia:

Harry Potter Series

We never see the Dursleys show any affection towards Harry but the fact remains that aunt Petunia must have loved her younger sister once upon a time. This scene from DH part 1 clearly shows how Petunia once loved her younger sister and even though she never showed it she did care about Harry. Before leaving Privet Drive Petunia tells Harry “You didn’t just lose a mother that night in Godric’s Hollow, I lost a sister…”

 5. That Awkward Hug:

Harry Potter Series

One of the most awkward scenes of the series happens at the end of the last film when Voldemort welcomes Draco with open arms (literally). This hug was improvised by the actors and wasn’t planned or in the script which explains why it was so awkward and made an intense scene rather funny.

 4. Harry’s Eye Colour:

Harry Potter Series

This point has been mentioned time and again and we cannot help but bring it up again. Harry was supposed to have his mother’s eyes which was mentioned multiple times in the movies as well as books but due to Daniel Radcliffe’s discomfort over wearing contact lenses, they couldn’t make them green and then later the actress who played young Lily had brown eyes, which was even more absurd.

 3. Cutting Back on too Much in HBP:

Harry Potter Series

Half-Blood Prince is probably one of the best books of the series which clearly raised the expectations for the movie but the movie surely disappointed. The movie left out too many details that were crucial for the plot like the memories that explained Voldemort’s backstory which would have helped to fight him in the future.

 2. Spoiling the Marauders Storyline:

Harry Potter Series

The story of the Marauders was extremely important and a brilliant revelation in the third book. Even though Prisoner of Azkaban was the best movie of the series they still messed up the part about the Marauders as it was a bit rushed. The Marauders were best friends at Hogwarts and their sacrifices for each other were worth mentioning.

 1. Harry Breaking the Elder Wand:

Harry Potter Series

In the end of the last movie Harry breaks the Elder Wand and throws the pieces away but remember his own wand was broken? In the book Harry mends his own wand first and then puts the Elder wand where it should be (in Dumbledore’s grave). This would not only keep him from getting tempted to use the wand but also the wand would lose its power after Harry’s death.

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