The Flash Season 5 Synopsis Teases The Death of Flash’s Team Member

The Flash Season 5 Synopsis hints at the death of one of the important Flash Team Member:

The fifth season of famous American television series, The Flash is already getting a lot of praise from the fans and people. The Flash is set to debut on CW on October 9, 2018, and consists of 22 episodes. The season follows Barry Allen/Flash, a crime scene investigator with superhuman speed who fights with criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman strengths, and he also deals with the consequences of his future daughter’s time traveling.

The Flash Season 5 Synopsis Flash Team Member

But there are rumors and hints that there is a possibility that a major team member of Flash’s team is going to die in an upcoming episode if we take a look at the synopsis given by the team themselves. It goes by the title, ‘The Death of Vibe’ and there are various questions in the minds of people as to who is going to die in this upcoming episode of their famous TV series.

The Flash Season 5 Synopsis Flash Team MemberIf we talk about the things which are written in the synopsis then we witness that the villain Cicada is targeting a member of Flash’s team with really bad intentions and also trying his best efforts to kill off a strong member of the team. It’s very reasonable to assume that the superhero who is going to be on the target list of Cicada is none other than Vibe (Carlos Valdes), we all know what a role Vibe has played in the life of Flash in this whole journey and he’s the one who is going to decoy himself to save the life of Nova (Jessica Park Kennedy), who is the daughter of Barry Allen.

The Flash Season 5 Synopsis Flash Team Member You all can have a look at the synopsis, which is given down below:


“The Death of Vibe” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, LV) (HDTV)

CICADA TARGETS A MEMBER OF TEAM FLASH — After Cicada’s (Chris Klein) attack on The Flash (Grant Gustin), the team realizes they need to think outside the box to stop this dangerous new foe. Desperate to help her parents, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) comes up with a plan that ultimately puts a member of Team Flash in danger. Meanwhile, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) delves into her past. Andi Armaganian directed the episode written by Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza (#503). Original airdate 10/23/2018

The Flash Season 5 Synopsis Flash Team Member

The next episode of Flash is going to return on Tuesday, October 9, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on none other than CW for its fifth installment. The fifth season is the first season to not feature Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays the role of Wally West/ Kid Flash, as a series regular since his introduction in the second season, following the character’s move to Legends of Tomorrow during the previous season and Lonsdale’s subsequent departure from that show as well. The season establishes that Nora’s alias is XS. Chris Klein also joined the main cast as Cicada, as the season’s main antagonist.

The Flash Season 5 Synopsis Flash Team Member

This season of Flash isn’t just like all those old ones and as some serious work has been done by the creators because the season introduces a new Flash suit, which Todd Helbing described as the series’ most ‘accurate incarnation’ of the Flash suit from the comics. The season also introduces Barry’s ‘Flash Ring’ from the comics. The new suit adopts brighter colors than the previous suits –Which had maroon overtones –and, unlike prior incarnations, does not have a chin strap.

The Flash Season 5 Synopsis Flash Team Member

Also, it’s Tom Cavanagh who is going to direct the eighth episode of the season, which will lead into the annual crossover and serve as the 100th episode of the series. It was Arrow’s star Stephen Amell who announced on May, 2018 at the CW upfronts that the next Arrowverse crossover would feature Batwoman and Gotham City. The crossover is slated to air in December 2018, ahead of a potential 2019 solo series for the character.

The Flash Season 5 Synopsis Flash Team Member

Also, The fifth and sixth episode episodes are titled ‘All Doll’d Up’ and ‘The Icicle Cometh’ respectively. Cast members Tom Cavanagh and Danielle Panabaker will direct the eighth and eighteenth episodes of the season, respectively. Kevin Smith will also direct an episode of this season.

So, what are your thoughts on the synopsis of the episode?

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