Supergirl: Katie McGrath Wants Jason Momoa To Guest-Star

Initially, fans thought that Metallo will be the big villain in Supergirl Season 2, he is one of Superman comics classic super-villain. He has multiple types of Kryptonite on his chest. Everyone thought that Superman and Supergirl will team up and take him down. But Metallo’s role was so brief that it offended some of his greatest fans.

Then we saw Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) up against her own sibling Superman (Kal-El) as Rhea (mother of Mon-El) brain-washed Man of Steel to fight by her side against Girl of Steel. Kara is an elder so she had an advantage, but Kal-El is a much-experienced fighter who defeated Lex Luthor. But in the end, she prevailed over Superman and saved National City from the diabolical plans of Rhea.

The biggest complaint of the fans was that there wasn’t really any WTF moment in the entire season. Further, the show-makers promised to bring Lex Luthor, they also showed us Warsuit made of alien technology engineered by Lex Corporation, but he never came to our utter dismay. Well, Katie McGrath ( the actress who plays Lena Luthor) is now calling to shake things up in the next season. In a recent conversation with CinemaBlend, she heaped a lot of praise on Jason Mamoa (Aquaman) and wants him to guest-star in Supergirl. She said:

“I’ve worked with him before and I love him. He gives the best hugs and he’s the nicest man. And he is the actor I’ve worked with the most that has surprised me. You have a preconceived notion about who he is because of what he looks like and he comes in and he acts you off the screen.”

supergirl“I’d love to see him in any role. He doesn’t have to be Aquaman. I don’t care. He can come in and stand in the back of a shot and hold a pint of Guinness if he wants. He’s just a delight to be on set with. I think everyone would watch that. The man is a god. He is a sea god, an actual god.”

It’s unclear if this would ever happen, but it would definitely be a memorable cameo.

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