New ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Theory Suggests Credence Is The Vile Lord Voldemort

The movie is getting all the hype in the world and also the fans are getting really impatient for the movie ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ because recent reports suggest that the movie is going to have some heavy links with the stories of Harry Potter and a recent theory suggest that Credence is really the dark Lord Voldemort and the claims that have been made are really great and also quite satisfying.

Fantastic Beast Theory Credence Lord Voldemort

In the upcoming movie, we can see that Johnny Depp is portraying the role of Grindelwald again but this time is going to be seen as the titular villain in the movie. Also, we can see that Jude Law is going to play the role of a young Albus Dumbledore in the upcoming movie and fans are getting really excited with this prospect to see the backstory of all those famous and great characters they’ve cherished for all those years in the era of Harry Potter.

Fantastic Beast Theory Credence Lord Voldemort

Also, we will see the famous snake with the name ‘Nagini’ who we find out in the latter movies of the Harry Potter series that it’s a Horcrux in the form of a snake in the movie in human form and the role is going to be portrayed by talented Claudia Kim. By all these things in front of us, we can clearly see that the creator J.K. Rowling is eager to use all these prequel movies in order to create some kind of connections with the similar characters of this mythology.

Fantastic Beast Theory Credence Lord Voldemort

The new theory which we have in front of us clearly suggests that the figures we are seeing aren’t the characters we thought they are. Before anything else first of all check this video below in which we can see that Rowling and the cast of the film are having a talk about the film. Also, the writer has made clear claims that Ezra Miller’s portrayal of Credence Barebones is character around which the whole plot is going to move around. You can watch the whole video below:

It’s clear that we haven’t got anything clear about the background of Credence and in order to tell us that Bayani Miguel Acebedo of famous EpicStream came up with an idea that maybe Credence is the famous Tom Riddle aka Lord Voldemort. In order to support his theory, he suggested that in the upcoming movie we are going to see a close relationship between Credence and Nagini and as we all know that Nagini can change into a snake as she’s cursed with that.

Fantastic Beasts 3

But, maybe Credence is going to keep Nagini with him forever and in order to do that he will turn her into one of his Horcrux in order to be with him always. Acebedo has also suggested that maybe Grindelwald has erased the memories of Credence to order to take control of him.

Fantastic Beast Theory Credence Lord Voldemort

The theory is quite great but also has a lot of loopholes in it, as the timeline both characters shares is a lot different than each other and it’s very hard to manage them. As we all know that Credence was born in 1926, which is the year when Grindelwald is set. Also, if add time travels into this equation then still it seems a lot difficult as we know that, The Half-Blood Prince made it clear that Riddle was using magic since the age of 11 and wasn’t an obscurial.

Fantastic Beast Theory Credence Lord Voldemort

So, it’s very hard but not impossible to join the two timelines if the makers wanted to because as we all know that it’s not hard to join things in the magical world where there are a lot of powers in the hands of characters. So, there are a lot of expectations with this movie and with the releasing date coming closer and closer, the fan theories are making their way into the headlines and are pushing the minds of people to another dimension. Also, in the featurette, we can see that Rowling says that,

“Whatever you think you know by the end of the movie might not be the case.”

Fantastic Beasts Eddie Redmayne

The movie is going to be released on November 16, 2018 and this is the date and day when we are going to get all the answers to our questions.

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