List of 10 Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows:

Celebrity cameos in our favourite shows are always a treat to watch and make everything much more interesting. With the popularity of sitcoms, it’s no wonder, creators and directors are given the chance to work with some famous faces (even if only for a single episode).

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

Many celebs have appeared on super hit shows for one or two episodes and such moments always make our jaws drop because they are unexpected and exciting. These are some of our favourite celebs who appeared on the top TV shows that we all love.

 10. Owen Wilson on Community:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

Community became a huge hit as a show very soon as it had relatable themes and characters that people loved. Owen Wilson has had many hit films under his name but he also appeared on the TV show Community in its very first season where he played the leader of a study group and it was quite an interesting cameo.

 9. Jon Hamm on Parks and Recreation:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

Jon Hamm who is famous for his Golden Globe-winning performance in Mad Men appeared on another hit show Parks and Recreation where he played the role of Ed who appeared in the season 6 finale and even got fired by Amy Poehler’s character Leslie. He appeared again later in the following season along with other former Parks guests Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones.

 8. Prince on New girl:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

It is a very big deal if a star like Prince appears on the show. According to Zoey Deschanel, apparently, Prince was a fan of the show and agreed to guest star on it if the Kardashians did not. He gave love advice to Nick and Jess and was really sweet. This appearance made the episode awesome and memorable and we couldn’t get enough of it.

 7. Leonardo Di Caprio on Roseanne:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

Oscar winner Leo Di Caprio has also appeared on TV and he even appeared on the hit show Roseanne where he played Darlene’s home economics classmate. What is interesting is that Leo did not even have a dialogue in the episode or get any specific screen time. He wasn’t a big star then and was still new in Hollywood which is why most people don’t know about this cameo.

 6. Elon Musk on the Big Bang Theory:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

This was definitely an exciting appearance when Elon Musk appeared on the most successful sitcom the Big Bang theory. He appears as himself in an episode where Howard has to volunteer for Thanksgiving and his dislike for volunteering vanishes when he gets a chance to talk to Musk about his time in space and share a piece of pumpkin pie.

 5. Bradley Cooper in Sex And The City:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

Sex and the city is one of the most successful TV shows of all time and has had its fair share of celeb cameos in it. If you are an avid viewer of the show then you would remember when Hollywood heartthrob Bradley Cooper appeared in an episode as a cute guy Carrie has a casual encounter with but later leaves him when he mentions the embarrassing magazine cover Carrie had appeared in and wanted to forget about.

 4. Dwayne Johnson on Hannah Montana:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

Do you remember when the Rock appeared on the superhit teen show Hannah Montana and got a makeover by Lily and Miley? Miley wanted to get an embarrassing photo of the Rock to trade with the paparazzi for her own photo which was going to reveal her secret identity. Rock helps her get her photo back and is really sporty about it.

 3. Winona Ryder on Friends:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

Friends, the popular sitcom has had so many celeb cameos that it is hard to choose one as they were all pretty iconic but one that is slightly underrated is that of Winona Ryder who appears on the show as a friend of Rachel who was secretly in love with her. She and Rachel even share a kiss on-screen which was pretty iconic for the time.

 2. Katy Perry on How I Met Your Mother:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

Katy appeared in an episode of HIMYM as an extremely annoying character called Honey who Ted has been set up with but later leaves to pursue Zoey which leaves her with Barney but even that doesn’t work out. She is portrayed as someone extremely silly and gullible and everything she does or says makes everyone say ‘Oh Honey’.

 1. Ed Sheeran on Game of Thrones:

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows This was definitely one of the most talked about cameos on TV history and Ed received so much backlash for it that he deleted his Twitter later. So Ed Sheeran appeared as a Lannister soldier in the season 7 premiere of the show and even got to sing a song.

Celebrity Cameos on Famous TV Shows

The cameo was short and cute but most fans felt that his appearance spoiled their Westeros experience and that he did not fit into the world. Maisie Williams who plays Arya is a big fan of Sheeran and was ecstatic about sharing the screen with him.

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