Wally West’s New Look In Legends of Tomorrow Will Blow Your Mind

We’ve already been informed by the executives at The CW that the fastest speedster (Wally West aka Kid Flash) will be making a cameo in Legends of tomorrow. Upon being pressed for information the fans only got the quote,” You’ll have to watch”. Huh!? Not vague at all CW. But can you blame the studio heads on creating pure anticipation for the show? They can’t just go around revealing important plot details to reporters no matter how much that fans think they want that. No fan appreciates a spoiler for their ensemble of favorite heroes. That being said, a new set picture has surfaced from the sets of Legends of tomorrow that gives us a better look at Kid Flash. The picture has been reproduced below for your scrutiny.

1.   The Breakdown

We’re introduced to Wally West in the arrowverse as the son of Barry Allen’s foster father and brother to Barry’s childhood crush Irish West. As the show progressed the long-awaited transformation of CW’s Wally West to Kid Flash took place event the point where Wally took over Barry’s responsibilities while our protagonist wen missing.

The events of flashpoint in season 3 of CW’s  The Flash skyrocketed Wally West from a sidelined character to an important part of Team Flash and an indispensable member of Star Labs

The character of Wally has been largely considered as the fastest speedster alive for the simple reason that the comic iteration of the character holds way more feats that Barry Allen’s flash. But the problem lies in a simple popularity contest. It’s simple fact that Barry Allen has always been the more popular flash in the comics.

That is the reason why the writers have chosen him to be the headliner of the Flash comic over Wally time and again even though they’ve empowered Wally more than they’ll ever empower Barry (arguably).

Moving on from that argument, it seems that the same fate has plagued  CW’s iteration of Wally  West. The character has been sidelined by Grant Justin’s Barry Allen. Maybe that is the reason why the showrunners have decided to give the character a more prominent role in the Waverider’s team of misfits. It’ll come as no surprise to fans of the show and comics alike that Wally’s speedster powers will be a great asset to the Legends of tomorrow.

Wally will help the team accomplish wonders by not only acting faster but may also aid them in mending time dilations. Time travel is a topic that the arrowverse loves to flirt with and hence a speedster in a midst of time traveling superhumans is maybe exactly what the show needs to shift the premise from repetitive and sly to interesting

Frankly, Legends of tomorrow has wound up to be a poor rip off of the formula perfected by Doctor Who. Time a space-hopping superhumans trying to mend stuff. Although the show’s myriad subplots and characters try to keep our attention and try to force our interest, the tone has largely gone from uninteresting to right down repetitive.

Granted there are only so many conflicts that writers can create before they reach the end of their wits and it’ never possible to get perfect quality in all episodes when you’re talking about an ensemble of superhero characters in a primetime television production. But that fact remains that Fans have high hopes from a show like legends of tomorrow and maybe that is the reason we continue to watch it even if it never quite reaches the potential we know it’s capable of.

The question is, can Wally West’s kid flash change this situation, can the Kids Flash be the saving grace of the show. Not like it needs one, considering how easily and uneventfully it was renewed for the second season. But if the producers wish to engage the small loyal following that the show has built in their limited run they might want to rethink the importance of Wally West in their team of characters.

Wally West

The fastest speedster is a powerhouse for both content and powers, he’s capable of so much more than what we get to see him do it CW’s the Flash. Comic fans know this and loyal fans are eagerly waiting for the day when Kid Flash realizes and actualizes his true potential.

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