Stephen Amell Teases Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs in Upcoming Arrowverse’s Mega Crossover

Stephen Amell has a gift for you. The guy who plays Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow in the hit superhero show of The CW called Arrow has revealed a new, never before used concept in the Arrowverse. The CW has turned side-lined DC heroes into cash cows, using the small screen platform as a stage to launch several lesser-known DC Superheroes like Super Girl and the Green Arrow. They have found another way to turn the spotlight even bigger. The Crossover episodes are one of the biggest spectacles of mainstream Television right now.

The CW has used it to demonstrate just how much cash they can harvest from their superheroes. Last season showed us the Crisis on Earth X crossover series. This time though, there is a high chance that the crossover will include the concept of Elseworlds aka alternative dimensions/parallel universes.

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell

The Arrow Star recently confirmed in a media interview that the new crossover event will have the name Elseworlds and is rumored to feature parallel world timelines completely different from our own. The mega-crossover event will also reveal The CW’s Batwoman entering into the Arrow-verse. Ruby Rose will be playing the character on screen.

But that is not all. The Concept of Elseworlds is pretty much a ‘What If’ scenario. It is supposed to explain a timeline that is happening in the mainstream universe but features elements that have been drastically changed to fit the new timeline. For example, in one Elseworld story arc, DC showcased how the world would change if Batman became the new Green Lantern or Superman’s ship crash-landed in the Soviet Union rather than the United States.

Arrowverse Crossover

In The CW’s Elseworld’s storyline, new photos reveal familiar characters with completely different back stories. In the Elseworlds storyline, Stephen Amell is the Flash and Grant Gustin plays the Green Arrow. In reality, the roles are actually reversed. In this new timeline, the man we know and love as Superman now dons a Black Superman suit and has shown dark traits more suitable for a guy who has embraced the dark side. Has he?

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell has been the most vocal about the Elseworlds storyline currently under production. He released this piece of information on the social media site called Twitter:

I’ll remember today on the crossover for working with my Wife (proud of her), working with Ruby, working with Danielle, GUSTIN!!!… and a room filled with more Easter eggs than you’ll know what to do with!

The New Elseworlds storyline will be a blast of fresh air for the Arrowverse. It will show the heroes travelling to Gotham City to stop the evil devices of an insane Arkham Asylum scientist. This is where Ruby Rose’s Batwoman would jump into the scene and aid the heroes in their battle against the bad guys.

Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler Hoechlin will be reprising his role as Superman albeit a darker version of the original. Superman will be wearing a Black Suit this time (something even the DCEU could not manage to bring in at the right time). Let us hope The CW could do what the DCEU could not. The Elseworlds storyline is going to be epic. The thing that we hope The CW does this time is that they do not dilute the storyline with too many plot elements and characters, which could be the reason the Crossover bombs this time.

The previous mega Crossover event of the Arrowverse was titled Crisis on Earth X and was released on November 27, 2017. The official synopsis of the crossover reads:

“Barry and Iris’s wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony. All of the superheroes band together with help from their super friends like Citizen Cold, The Ray, Felicity Smoak, Iris West and Alex Danvers to take on their most formidable villains yet. Earth’s mightiest heroes – Green Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash and White Canary – lead their teams into battle to save the world.”

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