Is Justice League/Avengers Crossover Possible?

While you go through all the superhero movies trivia, facts and news, you would have hoped for a crossover which seems far-fetched as of now. For comic book fans it would have been a childhood fantasy to see the superheroes from the rival camps i.e. Marvel and DC, going toe to toe or against an Intergalactic catastrophe. The superhero genre has come a long way in respect to live-action format with shared universes spread over silver screen and TV. When it comes to team up marvel has already rolled out two installments of Avengers in their shared universe and are planning to bring us a TV team-up titled “Defenders” as well. In the near future Marvel will come up with two more installments of Avenger series and DC is about to introduce justice league with the same number of movies.


In the last decade no one would have thought that so many movies involving superhero team-ups would be hitting the theaters with such frequency and now it’s a reality. Taking a cue from these developments the far-fetched idea of rival camp team-ups cannot be scrapped off totally and it could be backed by the fact that this event has occurred in the comic world in the JLA/Avengers issues, which released from September 2003 to March 2004.This series had its inception in 1979 when editors at both DC and marvel tried to publish a crossover series involving Avengers and Justice League of America but could not substantiate the idea due to editorial disputes, reportedly instigated by Marvel Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter .Finally, an agreement was reached between the two companies in 2002 and a series was eventually written by Kurt Busiek with art by George Pérez.


The aforementioned storyline deals with a mad discoverer Krona, who is exiled from his planet for his fanatic desire to unearth the mysteries relating to the origin of the universe. After being deserted, he continues his quest destroying universes on his way. When he arrives at the Marvel Universe, Grandmaster intercepts his in an effort to save his world by proposing a game to krona. The term of the game was that if Grandmaster wins, krona would have to spare the marvel universe but in the case of krona’s victory, grandmaster had to escort him to Galactus who was known to experience the Big-bang. The game comprised of quest wherein Justice League and avengers had to compete in an artifact hunt from both the universes. Artifacts, in this case, were placed evenly at 6 each in both DC and Marvel universes which included the objects like Infinity Gauntlet and Green Lantern Power battery. Krona agreed on the condition that avengers would represent him while Justice would act for grandmaster which implied that justice league’s win would ensure marvel universe’s existence.


As grandmaster coaxed justice league to participate, his ally Metron convinced the avengers that they need to fight to save their universe. After the game ended in a tie, Batman and captain America altered the game at last moment with their knowledge and research which enlightened them that justice League’s victory was necessary to save the universes. Krona was unwilling to accept the defeat and attacked the grandmaster and summoned Galactus himself before grandmaster merged both the universes using the power of all the collected artifacts. This incident alters the reality which results in JLA and Avengers being allies since ages and both the universe start getting destroyed being incompatible due to scientific constraints. This event brought along side-effects for superman and Captain America who turned out to be short-tempered leading into a blame-game between both the teams. The final challenge which lied in front of them was to undo the merging event and defeat krona for the greater good.


With such an interesting storyline where Quicksilver envies the flash while paying a visit the flash museum, green arrow fights in a back to back technique along with Hawkeye and Superman wields Captains shield and Thor’s Hammer for the final battle, it would be titillating to see such storyline adapted for the Live-action Medium. With the inclusion spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the phenomenon of Studios reaching to an agreement has also turned into reality. The only factor that could prevent such projects from being conceived could be the box office strategy. The Avengers /Justice League movie won’t be resulting in a doubling of the box office figures as the large fraction of viewership happens to be common for both the camps. With the current scenario, it doesn’t seem like the respective studios would be indulging into the tedious job of signing contracts with executives from both the camps reaching to an accord. But in the distant future when the superhero fatigue will start to seep in with the exhaustion all the lucrative ideas, maybe then such crossover would be feasible.

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