He’s Tipped And Could Become The Villain of Supergirl Movie

Get over the news of Henry Cavill leaving the Warner Bros. and throw your tissues off the window as a new rumor which has the backing of some of the most reliable sources has been floating all over the internet. Reports are suggesting that Brainiac could be the main villain of DCEU’s big project, Supergirl movie. It’s been a week full of rumors turning into realities and after seeing Cavill leaving the company after a big rumor fuss on the internet, the new rumor which has been circulating saying we can see Brainiac on the big screen in a fight against Supergirl might become true.


Before the news of Henry Cavill’s exit came out, there were rumors of DC hiring the writer of 22 Jump Street Oren Uziel to write down Supergirl’s script. Also, there were rumors of DCEU following the formula of leaving the lines of female superheroes films to a female director as it comes out to be a successful one when Patty Jenkins directed Wonder Woman (2017) and is slated to direct the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 movie. Thus, DCEU is reportedly looking for a female director for their project Supergirl, which has Reed Morano on the top of the list.

According to Daniel R at SuperBroMovies, the current plan is to put Brainiac as the villain of the upcoming Supergirl movie because of all the popularity and fear he has in the hearts of fans. With Brainiac’s possible inclusion in the Supergirl movie, it is suggested that the movie will run back in time of the 1970s, which is long-long ago before Cavill’s Superman is around and kicking.

But like all rumors, we are delighted to see and hear this one as we all know the place Brainiac has in the comic books and with addition as a villain in the movie, Supergirl will surely become a movie to watch. He is regarded as the second deadliest enemy of Superman after Lex Luthor and with that title you can hardly discount his abilities of technopathy, the ability to transfer his consciousness into computers and in some instances organic life forms, telekinetic abilities and strength capable of rivaling Superman.

It’s not the first time that Brainiac’s name has been added to the list of potential villain on the big screen in a DCEU movie as during the early development of Superman III, llya Salkind wrote a script in which Brainiac featured as the main antagonist but when Leslie Newman and David Newman wrote the script Brainiac was cut-off from the movie. Also, he was considered as the future villain of DCEU and also for the sequels of Man of Steel directed by Zack Snyder.

There were tons of nods to Brainiac in Man of Steel such as the skull shape of the codex, the tentacles attached to the world engine, and General Zod experiencing sensory overloads when exposed to Earth’s atmosphere, similar to Brainiac’s weakness. So, Brainiac has his weaknesses and powers but his look can make DCEU great again.

Brainiac was tipped to appear in Superman Lives, written by Kevin Smith and was going to be directed by Tim Burton having Nicolas Cage as the Superman in the movie. But, as soon as the photos of Cage in Superman costume came out, they were stopped because choosing Cage for the role of Superman wasn’t the smartest one and it only embarrassed the makers in front of the fans.

We’ve seen Indigo and Braniac-13, both of them have ties with Brainiac and both have appeared in Supergirl. Also, the villain Brainiac has appeared in many animated forms over the years. Notably, in Superman Unbound which was an animated feature film, the villain finally got the chance to make the live-action debut. The full version of his evilness and green-alien skin came to life earlier this year in Krypton.

Brainiac is the one who is responsible for the destruction of Krypton despite being fulfilled with the world’s most advanced technologies at their disposal as we’ve seen in Superman: The Animated Series. So, everyday lots of rumors are surfacing based on the movie –Supergirl and it’s just a matter of day when we will have an official announcement regarding the confirmation of these rumors.

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