Starforce: 15 Things Every MCU Fan Should Know About Captain Marvel’s Movie Crew

Marvel Cinematic Universe has proved them time and time again when the talk and challenge of presenting a whole team of superheroes in a movie come in front of them. They’ve mastered the art of focusing on even the smallest of characters and no matter how big or small the screen space they have, Marvel Studios always try their best to make every character a valuable one. There have been many names which clearly show the vision and perfection we are talking about. From assembling the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor’s team and also Black Panther’s wide team of some talented killers.

So, we’ve seen time and time again and now again in the upcoming movie of the MCU “Captain Marvel”, we witnessed in the trailer and also know that Carol Danvers also has friends in the Air Force and some allies also over at S.H.I.E.L.D. backing her. It’s strange to see Captain Marvel choosing the Starforce as her main team as no incarnation of Carol Danvers was involved with the Starforce in the comic books. So, a lot of questions has been raised that how close this incarnation of the Starforce will be to original comics. Thus, will it be a similar story as per the addition of a new actress or this Starforce is going to be an unrecognizable one? So, here’s our list of things you should know about Captain Marvel’s Movie Crew:


Minn-Erva and Korath have the topmost knowledge about genetics and are expert geneticists. As for Minn-Erva, the genetic enhancement is an obsession and all her villainy is always motivated by a will to enhance her species and in doing so she doesn’t hesitate to wipe off the inferior species.


The supreme intelligence is also known as the Supremor, has worked with the Starforce but kept his evil-motive inside him as his plan was to annihilate most of the Kree with the help of a Nega-Bomb with a belief that after that the survivors would transform/evolve in superior forms. But, for now, there’s no news of Supreme Intelligence coming into the Marvel.


Despite watching Guardians of the Galaxy, you couldn’t sense or know that Korath have exceptional tracking abilities and with the help of brainwaves he can trace people. With his ability, he’s known as the Korath: The Persuader. His ability maybe isn’t going to get a share of screen in the upcoming movie of Captain Marvel but his ability can surely make him earn a big fan base.


Minn–Erva, and Mar-Vell has been indulged in a little team fight with hopes of turning that into sinister ones. Minn-Erva was an enemy of Mar-vell and has tried to convince him to mate with her just for the sake of getting more genetically superior. But, Chan told Entertainment Weekly that, “Her character was the Star of Starforce before Carol and is slightly threatened by someone else who has come in and is also very talented.”


The possibility of the return of Ronan –The Accuser and Korath is on the cards and because they were the original members of the Starforce, their inclusion in Captain Marvel makes all the sense in the world. Ronan is going to be a little different as this version is going to be 20 years before of Guardians and will play a respected role.


S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Nick Fury and Phil Coulson will surely play an important role in Captain Marvel. With movie setting back in time with 25 years ago, we can hope that the knowledge of Starforce is what made Nicky Fury realize that they need a team of superheroes to help them in saving the world from all the attacks of the outer world.


Att-Lass and Minn-Erva played one fo the most smartest move in comics as in Silver Surfer #79 Att-Lass pretended that he doesn’t want to live and want to die as he activated his battle suit’s self-destruction protocol but later it was found that they both want to live together to breed genetically enhanced offspring together and which showed that self-destruction sequence was a teleportation sequence.


Starforce was first introduced in Avengers #346, written by Bob Harras and was part of the 1992’s “Operation: Galactic Storm” story in this the Avengers attempted to start a war between Kree and Shi’ar. Avengers came to the homeland of Kree “Hala” with a hope of peace but Starforce attacked them as they misunderstand their incoming as an attack and the war started between the two super teams.


The two members of the Starforce are missing from the cast list of Captain Marvel as Shatterax and Ultimus aren’t going to feature in this one. With both being extremely powerful and almost unbeatable, but maybe we can see something of them in Phase 4.


The Shi’ar won the battle after a shaken Starforce was up against them and they started ruling on the former territory of the Kree and the remaining members of the Starforce surrender to the winners of the battle. Shi’ar king Deathbird took control of all and made Starforce her royal guard. With Fox holding the rights of Shi’ar, given all their ties to major X-Men stories, but with Disney-Fox merging together may signals towards the possible appearance of Shi’ar in upcoming sequels.


Att-Lass also have a connection with Mar-Vell who predates the Starforce. With Att-Lass and Mar-Vell never meeting with each other, Att-Lass did rob the bands and gained access to some great powers. With the help of Rega Bands, he was able to switch places with Rick Jones. But, Shi’ar took the bands from Att-Lass.


Bron-Char has appeared only in three Marvel comic issues, his introductory and the only appearance was came in Captain America #8 where he dismantles the Smithsonian’s replica of Captain America’s shield. The movie version will surely to be changed and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see that legendary image again in Avengers 4.


Law says, “His character is almost a devout warrior, unquestioning, conservative, but inspirational.” Many people and fans believed that Jude Law’s male lead role in Captain Marvel is going to be Mar-Vell but in the Entertainment Weekly issue on Captain Marvel, they all are keeping the identity of Jude Law a secret.


Att-Lass made his big return in 2014’s “Infinity” crossover event with an up-gradation in Titanium Man. He tried to steal Iron Man’s suits with Iron Man also teaming up with rogues. But Att-Lass were vaporized by the Unicorn and which would seem to be his ultimate goodbye.


One particular character which many fans want to see in Captain Marvel was Monica Rambeau, as she was the first woman to use the name Captain Marvel back in time when Carol Danvers was still Ms. Marvel. But, in the movie, it turned out to be that Monica is still a child and not a superhero yet.

So, is there anything you want to add to these predictions and conclusions?

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