Mark Hamill Reveals The Official New Title of Star Wars Episode 9!

With Disney finally giving Lucas Film the get-go to launch the star wars universe again in full vigor, we got back our Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Leia Organa along with a plenty of new faces and heroes to see our beloved Star Wars universe back in action again. The Force Awakens opened a gate of Star Wars movies. Spinoffs came along quite soon. Solo: A Star Wars Story followed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. But the heart of the franchise is still the Skywalker saga. Rey is out there all alone, with only a few resistance fighters along with her, to fight the brunt of Kylo Ren’s First Order forces. What will happen next? The title of the next and last movie of The Last Jedi trilogy might give us a clue and you can thank Mark Hamill, our beloved very own Luke Skywalker for this one. Presenting – Mark Hamill reveals the official new title of Star Wars Episode 9!!!

The last movie of The Last Jedi trilogy is more than a year away and we just cannot get enough of the franchise still. Even of Solo: A Star Wars Story was a Box Office bomb, it still managed to expand upon the Star Wars Universe. We have a total of four Star Wars movies after The Force Awakens movie unlocked the Pandora’s Box. Solo was supposed to make way for other standalone Star Wars production projects like a Boba Fett and an Obi-Wan origin story movie. But those projects now lay under the shadows of doubt and might never come to fruition.

After 2015, the only solid Star Wars franchise that has a glimmer of hope for the Mouse House is none other than the trilogy itself. And Star Wars Episode 9 will not disappoint. At least we hope it does not. Disney has a peculiar habit of meddling in any and all movie franchises in order to baby proof the movies and sugar-coat it with flowery plot devices. That is what happened in The Last Jedi. Will it be the fate of Episode 9 as well?

The movie’s production has kicked off and along with it, an avid fan base that has started churning out fan theories as to the future of the Franchise like a cow churns out milk in open season. Mark Hamill has added fuel to the fire. Hamill’s character recently breathed its last in the last movie featuring him.

Luke Skywalker gave up his life and became one with the force while trying to buy some time for the Resistance on Crait to find a way out of the doomed planet. They did. But Luke’s body breathed its last due to the massive toll the usage of so much amount of force it took on his body. Luke, at the end, became one with the force.


While Luke is out of the picture (Or is he??), Mark Hamill will be our new guiding beacon and guide us through the traps and mazes Lucas Film has set for whoever tries to decode the top-secret plot detail for the next Star Wars movie. Hamill recently took to social media to say something really interesting. He said and we quote:

“The (to be continued)…..”


To the normal and casual movie going fan base, it might not sound like much. But to the avid Star Wars lovers, this is all that they needed. Both the previous movies started on the same moniker. And both ended with the death of major characters. Has the last and final movie of The Last Jedi trilogy also sealed the fate of another major Star Wars character? Or is it something else? Whatever might be the case, Mark Hamill has indeed opened up the Pandora’s Box and forced the whole world to view it at point blank.

Mark Hamill Reveals The Official New Title of Star Wars Episode 9!

Try not to be blinded by the epic adventure that is about to happen soon. Until then, look out for any and all plot reveals. And trust us, friends, there will be plenty of them. The story, my friends, is just beginning. There is a lot that is about to happen.

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