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Kinaare is the latest romantic-drama Kannada movie directed by Devaraj Poojary. The movie is an emotional poetic depiction on screen. It’s an innocent love story set up in the coastal area in India. This is yet another experimental film that has many fresh aspects. The movie is made for every segment of the society, it can be watched with family especially. So, if you’re looking to watch a movie this weekend with your family, Kinaare could be the perfect match for you. The movie is a complete package of entertainment which also covers the aspects of reality.


The cast of the movie includes:

Kinaare Movie Download
Kinaare Movie Download

Apeksha Apeksha … Padma
Aruna Balraj Aruna Balraj … Ganga
Sihi Kahi Chandru Sihi Kahi Chandru … Doctor Bermuda
Charitha Charitha … Asha
Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi … Manja

Harish Ninasam Harish Ninasam … Benne Seenanna
Raghu Pandeshwar Raghu Pandeshwar … Babu Shet
Kuri Prathap Kuri Prathap … Compounder Murali
Dinesh Mangaluru Dinesh Mangaluru … Kalayya Shetty
Natyaranga Natyaranga … Anappa
Sathish Raj Sathish Raj … Ranga

Pramod Shetty Pramod Shetty … Mestru
Vikram Samudaya Vikram Samudaya … Reporter
Mani Shetty Mani Shetty … Robert
Dattanna Dattanna … Joisru
Gautami Jadhav Gautami Jadhav … Meera
Kushi Kushi … Jassi
Rockline Sudhakar Rockline Sudhakar … Minister
Veena Sundar Veena Sundar … Jalaja
Raghu Sirsi Raghu Sirsi … Shukra

Check out the trailer, if you haven’t:

Here’s the synopsis of the movie:

An innocent love story, Kinaare is a movie about two pure souls, who don’t understand the odd society we live in. They are into their own world and live their lives their way. Whole movie is shot in the vivid locations of South Canara. In other way, Kinaare is a musical movie, with several peculiar characters, whose stories travel to create something magical.

Well, if you want to enjoy the movie at home, don’t worry we got you covered.

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