Is Justice League 2 Cancelled? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Justice League started off great. Even with the directorial change, the movie felt good for a first watch. It got all the characters right and felt like a step in the right direction from the dark and gritty Universe that Snyder built. Still, there are extreme lovers of Man of Steel and BvS, so we can’t deny that Snyder did achieve something there. When he was handed the strings to Batman V Superman, having to build an extended Universe to set up Justice League and Justice League 2, he literally went all out!

Justice League 2

Justice League should not actually be considered a Snyder movie as he did not get to finish it, and his vision was totally altered because WB brought in Joss Whedon to finish the movie where Snyder left off. He had a cut that he was happy with as it was 99% aligned with all the scenes in the chronological order. So, the Snyder cutis finished but it is not finished as the special effects and a soundtrack have not been done on that. WB did not like that cut, and hence he was let go with some personal reason to cover it all up.

In pursuit of that, Whedon was actually ordered to change the narrative of the movie to the point where WB felt it was suitable according to them. This called for reshoots that caused the studios an extra $25 Million to an already costly movie. We could really make in the movie that what parts were directed by Snyder and what parts were directed by Whedon.

But all in all, Justice League pretended to forget everything that happened in BvS. Snyder had some deep and intricate plotting done in BvS which was going to be shown in Justice League and Justice League 2. But as it turned out Justice League did not come good on any of those, for example, the big Knightmare scene that was all about Lois dying and the coming of Darkseid. Instead, Justice League went on a different path altogether. It did not build Darkseid at all and went on to tease the injustice League instead.

Bruce had no reaction the Flash coming back from the future to warn him in BvS. We just have to pretend that it did not happen because it was clearly set up for when Justice League was a two-parter film instead of being a solo one off. So much would have happened in Synder’s JL 2. It had a November 2019 release date, so the movie would have currently been under production!

Many details got out for Snyder’s plans for Justice League 2. The movie was intended to be a mix of Justice League: War and Injustice Gods Among Us storyline. Rumours suggested that a hero would have fallen, and it was most likely Batman that would have died. The movie would have had some extremely high stakes.

Justice League would have introduced Green Lanterns in a proper way instead of the cameo that we got, and Green Lantern would have become one of the core members of the League by the second movie bringing in the Green Lantern Corps movie.

The significance of the Kingtmare scene was much bigger than we could have imagined. Superman was portrayed as a tyrant. Justice League teased that Cyborg could have gone under Darkseid’s control so that’s two leaguers under Darkseid’s belt but they would have been on the Justice League’s side towards the end. We would have had a full blown team of Batman, Superman, Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern(s) and even Shazam going up against Darkseid and the Parademons.

Justice League would have acknowledged all that happened in BvS if Snyder would have been on till the end. But instead what we got was tones of deleted scenes for getting a 2-hour cut instead of the originally intended 2 Hours and 45 minutes cut. That happening led to the fall of the movie and it became the lowest grossing & most expensive movie of the Worlds of DC. It did not break even for a pure profit having brought in just $656 Million at the worldwide Box Office.

With such a low Box Office result and the movie being surrounded by so many controversies we could say that the name Justice League is in fact tainted and WB would never want to flush money into it ever again. The Justice League 2 that Snyder set up was obviously cancelled the moment he was let go, but the one set up by Whedon could still have a glimmer of hope. For that movie to happen where the Justice League takes on the Injustice League, the upcoming solo movies of the WOD would have to do really well and bring back the audience which has lost its faith in the larger DC Universe.

Justice League 2 Cancelled

So, let’s just hope that the upcoming Aquaman, Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984, The Flash, The Batman, and Green Lantern Corps do really well because only that will ensure another Justice League movie down the lane.

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