These Crazy Iron Man Combos From Infinity Wars Will Drive You Insane

When you think you have seen enough, the comics throw at you a mother of all curveballs to put you back on track. The same thing happened to the readers when they picked up the latest issue of Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer. They were thrown a curveball that will stick to their memories for ages. What this issue did to the legacy of the Iron Man will be probably permanent. But what is even more interesting is the way Iron Man was warped into different combinations. When you mix Stark tech with Asgardian Uru and forbidden magic, what you get is a breath-taking piece of arcane weapons of mass destruction. Let us take a look. Presenting – These crazy Iron Man combos from Infinity Wars – Iron Hammer will drive you insane!!!

The latest debut of the bizarre in the Marvel comics is in the latest picks of the Thor issues. In Infinity Wars – Iron Hammer, we see how magic has influenced the Marvel Universe for the better or worse. And it is so evident that not even the world of Thor has managed to escape its wrath.

Here comes the lightning;

The issue in question is written by Al Wing and drawn by Roman Rosana. It is titled “Journey into Suspense” – a sly anagram of sorts with subtle references to legacy comic book history of yore. Iron Man first debuted in Tales of Suspense while Thor had his first appearance in Journey into Mystery. So it is prudent that it is a combination of these two storylines that act as the foundation for magic and technology to finally find their coupling in the Marvel Universe.

The series starts with the introduction of Sigurd Stark, a supposed ‘technologist’ from a faraway land that was found wandering in the snow after coming out of a deadly blizzard five years ago. Stark is not a victim of paranoia like Tony Stark is in the mainstream Marvel Storyline. He also has an origin story that resonates closely with that of Donald Blake. He does not have any memories of his Godhood or noble ancestry but he knows he is someone ‘special.’  This is a unique take on a character that is a blend of both the Lord of Thunder and Iron.

The story progresses in a way that is most unexpected. The man that is known as Sigurd Stark is then captured by a group of Dark Elves led by the Crimson Curse, a mammoth fellow that wears a magical suit of armor that grants him a host of magical infused abilities. The Kurse wants Sigurd Star for his skills as a Technologist. A Technologist is someone who has the ability to infuse technology with arcana powers and create magic infused weaponry. It is later found out that the guy wearing the Krimson Kurse armor is called Vanko. The Crimson Curse rhymes closely with the Crimson Dynamo, a classic armor wearing Iron Man villain.

Then the name Vanko is what we know another Iron Man Villain called Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash as, in the comic books. The story is progressing in a new direction but with subtle references to classic comic book storylines.

Then we see another name from the Iron Man storyline being used to replace a Thor character. Eitri the Dwarf is a magical Ironsmith that was helpful in creating Thor’s magic hammer and Blake’s enchanted cane. Eitri is now replaced by Yinsen, a dwarf with a name that is closely associated with Yinsen, the guy that helps Tony Stark make his very first Iron Man suit out of scrap metal.

Tony is struck by a poison arrow in the leg, and now he walks while showing a similarity in the trademark limp of Donald Blake. He is also stuck with wearing a magical suit of chest-plate armor that helps his body remain stable and not give in to the poison that will kill him if left unchecked.

Eitri also sacrifices himself pretty much the same way Yinsen did in the 616 story line and in the first Iron Man movie. Sigurd Stark needed more time for the suit to charge in to full gear. Eitri bought him that time by sacrificing himself for the greater good. There is another storyline that follows a somewhat similar approach.

In the Soldier Supreme series, Captain America and Doctor Strange merge to form the Soldier Supreme, a magically enhanced super soldier. In Iron Hammer, the characters of Tony Stark and Thor merge to form the Iron Hammer. Another fun fact – the A.I in the Iron Hammer armour is no longer Jarvis but Heimdall. His name in this new series is H.E.I.M.D.E.L.L.

This storyline stands out form the rest of the ‘What If’ story arcs because it has some really ingenious character combinations. The Villains and the supporting characters, the main lead even, has stupendous but intricately designed origin stories that work closely in balance with both Thor and Iron man’s back stories. But wait there is more to come!

There are two more villains apart from Krimson Kurse that are also devising plans against Sigurd Stark. Malekith is aided in his effort by Stane Odinson. Stane has built his empire as a Technologist’s paradise that trades on high value mystic weaponry. Malekith looks like he has not changed much from his classic Earth-616 incarnation until he raises his hands to show the 10 rings of powers, one each for his ten fingers.

The Ten Rings of Mandarin are now the weapon of the King of the Dark Elves. Talk about being diabolical!!! One other thing, Stane Odinson is a clear reference to Lex Luthor. This rumour was confirmed by Rosana himself. Moreover, the title of Odinson would also refer to the fact that Stane Odinson is to Sigurd Stark what Loki is to Thor. In short, Stane Odinson and Sigurd Stark might be brothers.

The most fearsome reveal comes at the very end of the story arc. If you think Hela was scary, you should see Madame Hel, the queen of the afterlife in the Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer Universe. She is a combination of Madame Masque from the Earth-616 storyline and Hela, the Ruler of Hel. Madame Masque was a crime lord and the leader of a global terrorist organization that has clashed frequently with Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

Hela, as we all know, has been the enemy number one of Thor Odinson on many occasions. Madame Hel does not have too many appearances but that crazy makeover does make up for it somewhat. Her debut is as crazy as the character that was the combination of the Winter Soldier and the Ghost Rider titled Ghost Winter Soldier but we will leave him as a subject of discussion for a later date. For now, just revel in the fact that we have not seen the last of Madame Hel.

There are still many plot elements to be uncovered. But it would be really fascinating to ponder upon just in how many more ways magic has left its impressions on the world of Infinity Wars. There are several more on-going issues that have followed a similar plot direction. Ghost Panther, Weapon Hex and ArachKnight are all going to be a part of the Infinity Wars storyline. The question is – will the audience accept them or will it become another Civil War 2??

Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer is now available in retail and digital stores near you. Get your copy before it is too late!

While you Sigurd Stark is rocking it in Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer, Thor and Iron Man could be seen rocking the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the latest Avengers instalment titled Avengers: Infinity War. The Official film synopsis for the movie reads:

Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer iron man

Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the Avengers unite to battle their most powerful enemy yet — the evil Thanos. On a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones, Thanos plans to use the artifacts to inflict his twisted will on reality. The fate of the planet and existence itself has never been more uncertain as everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment.

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