30 Spectacular Internet Reactions To First Captain Marvel Trailer

Marvel has finally given us everything that we have ever wanted as after we got to see Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in the images revealed by EW, we now have the first trailer to Captain Marvel, the strongest Superhero of the entire Marvel Universe. We have been waiting for this trailer ever since we got the news that CIneEurope showed the attendees a look at Captain Marvel which completely blew their brains. Here we bring you some of the mind-blowing internet reactions to the first Captain Marvel trailer:

Hell Yeah!

Captain Marvel Trailer

Get The Clarification!

The future is female!

The Moment!

Holly Molly!

That’s right!

Smash That Like A Button!

God Damn!



Cannot Stop Watching It!

She Is In Action!

Oh Yeah!

Yes, Yes!

Different Facial Expressions!

MCU is Cool!

And Thus Meme Begins!




New Meme!

Really Hard!

Carol is Here!

That Transition!



We Are Not Ready!


Mohawk is here!

Captain Marvel Trailer

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