15 DC Actors Who Almost Had Roles in The MCU

The rivalry between DC and Marvel is one of the greatest rivalries in the world. But, slowly and steadily the rivalry is losing its sacredness as the writers, editors, and actors don’t find it digestible to cross-over that divide. In recent times, we’ve seen many incidents when the actors from both sides swap or cross their sides. But, fans of these two gigantic cinematic universes don’t like this a lot but even they can’t deny the fact that this crossover has given some legendary characters to both of these universes. But Michael Keaton and Chris Evans clearly showed that every bad thing has something good about it. So, below are the DC actors who had almost crossed the bridge and had their roles in the MCU but because of some issues they pulled their leg out, some of those actors seemed to be inadequate when compared to the other options (current role holders).

 1. Jared Leto

It’s a crime to imagine that anyone can play the role of Doctor Strange better than Benedict Cumberbatch. But, director Scott Derrickson was forced to look out for other options as scheduling issues came with Cumberbatch. At that time, Derrickson was mostly-linked with Leto. But, in the end, Marvel pushed back the release, which proved out to be a masterstroke and Leto portrayed the Joker –Clown Prince of Crime in Suicide Squad.

 2. Morena Baccarin

This Brazilian-American actress seems to be one of the darlings of the comic world as she has given a voice for several animated characters and has played the role of Deadpool’s main lady and can be seen on Gotham as the character of Dr. Leslie Thompkins. But, she had a chance of crossing the bridge when Avengers director Joss Whedon shortlisted for the character of Agent Hill but because of some reasons things never came out on the floor and the role was handed over to Cobie Smulders.

 3. Billy Crudup

Casting is one of the most important aspects of a movie and it was shown to many people when Hulk director Ang Lee wanted Billy Crudup to play the role of the giant green Hulk. The idea was dropped for some reasons but seems to look fine when concept artist Benton Jew did some character designing for Crudup’s Hulk before he was dropped out and the designs ended-up looking pretty silly and the role went to Eric Bana but Crudup portrayed the role of Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen and Henry Allen in Justice League. Some also suggest that he’ll come back for Flashpoint.

 4. Jensen Ackles

It seems like every person on this earth gave auditioned for the role of Captain America and here we have a guy from the Supernatural, Jensen who gave auditions for the role of Captain America but ended up getting the role of Hawkeye instead. Jensen turned down the offer because of scheduling dates but we all know that it was just an excuse. But, he got the big chance when he gave voice to the character of Jason Todd/Red Hood in the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood. Fans and critics loved his work and advocated him to play the character in a live-action film.

 5. Alexander Skarsgard

DC Actors MCU

It’s hard to imagine how bad Swede Actor Skarsgard felt when he wasn’t selected for the role of Thor because he went to the final round of screen test and when he wore that suit and picked up that hammer. He didn’t seem to be the perfect choice for Kenneth Branagh and the role found its true master Chris Hemsworth. Although, Skarsgard made name for himself after playing a stupendous character of a secretive Vampire Sheriff in hit series True Blood.

 6. Emily Blunt

No one has predicted that the role of Black Widow will become this much powerful and important 8 years ago and Emily Blunt is no different. But, it’s true that Marvel went to Emily when she was at the starting phase of his career but she turned down the role because of scheduling conflicts with her that time project Gulliver’s Travels and also rejected the role of Peggy Carter because of the same reason. The role eventually went to Scarlett Johansson and we all know that the rest is history.

 7. Olivia Wilde

Arguably, one of the strongest ladies in the Marvel Universe but also the least known Gamora was handed to Olivia Wilde after she has shown her abilities in Tron Legacy and Cowboys and Aliens. But, the American actress turned down the role saying, she felt she was playing too many badass women. The role was eventually gone to Zoe Saldana who just nailed the role to its core.

 8. Will Smith

One of the most talked rumors in Hollywood is that Will Smith had a chance to play the role of Captain America and also had an audition but in the end his audition just divided the selecting team with some in favor and some in opposition and in the end it was sent to bed and Chris Evans took charge of the shield. But, Will Smith finally made into the superheroes world as he played the role of Deadshot in the Suicide Squad.

 9. Patrick Wilson

It’s embarrassing to discuss this one but sadly, it’s true that Wilson was given the role of Paxton’s Antman in 2015. But, forced to leave it because of some scheduling conflicts and left the role only to be taken by Bobby Cannavale. Wilson who previously appeared as Dan Dreiberg/Night Owl II in Watchmen and has also given voice to the President of the United States in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is coming in the big role of Orm Marius/Ocean Master in Aquaman.

 10. Charlie Cox

Charlie Cox has made a name for him and has many fans after his performances in Marvel’s Daredevil TV series by Netflix, Tristan Thorn in Stardust, and The Defenders. But, he got the opportunity to play one of the most dangerous and mischievous villains of Marvel Universe –Loki. But, couldn’t impress the Producers hence the role was offered to Tom Hiddleston and it’s one of the biggest relief for a Marvel fan to know that Cox was rejected.

 11. Gary Oldman

One of the finest actors of Hollywood Gary Oldman gave his one of best performances as Jim Gordon in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. But, it’s true that Oldman was given the chance to play the role of Hank Pym –The original Ant-man but left the role to Michael Douglas.

 12. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s hard to imagine any other than an actor who can look perfect in the role of Ant-man instead of Levitt because of his body structure and his acting talent. He had appeared in The Dark Knight Rises as John Blake and tipped to become the Robin. But, as for now, nothing has been official. Scott Lang found Paul Rudd the better choice instead of Levitt but it’s only a matter of time when he’ll join hands with Marvel Universe.

 13. Dwayne Rock Johnson

There are many muscular and bald actors out there who can do the role of Drax –The Destroyer but the limitation of that role is that he doesn’t say much and that’s why Jason Momoa rejected it and if an actor of Jason’s stature rejected this role then it’s almost hard to understand why Producers went to Dwayne who is too much of a big star and deserves a far bigger role than Drax. The role eventually went to Dave Bautista who seems to be perfect for the role. Dwayne has been confirmed as Black Adam in DCEU which seems to be a good one in comparison to Drax. But, any firm announcement about the start of this project hasn’t made yet.

 14. Amber Heard

One of the most famous fan castings of all-time was of Amber Heard for the role of Captain Marvel. But, it wasn’t just the fans but the producers of Marvel also went to her but the legend says that she has already signed for Mera in the DCEU and the role went into the hands of Oscar Winner Brie Larson. Amber will play a big role in the upcoming DC flick Aquaman.

 15. Timothy Olyphant

One of the most beloved and favorite characters of Marvel universe –Iron Man nearly went into the sleeves of Timothy Olyphant but it was Robert Downing Jr. who auditioned on the same day and it was Timothy who never got a call back from Marvel and it’s because of obvious reasons.

This clearly shows that how much difference a right casting can do and the play of destiny and it’s 5000% true that, “Someone’s loss can be someone’s gain”. So, always think thrice before making a decision but as we see not all rejections ended in failure some had a win-win situation for both the sides.

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