Bumblebee Trailer 2 Released & it is The Best Transformers Movie Till Date…

After 5 explosive movies in the Transformers franchise, we are finally getting something different from Paramount studios and it looks to be the best thing ever! It seems that Paramount has finally figured out the formula to making a great Transformers movie, i.e. letting someone other than Michael Bay direct the film. But unfortunately, it will be the last film before the franchise completely reboots itself! Till now, we have only seen 1 trailer for the movie, Bumblebee which proved to be great as a debut trailer and did manage to attract many viewers. Now get ready for the big story trailer which has just hit the net. Have a look:

This trailer gives us the rough outline for the film. After the first 5 movies made us witness the war of the Autobots against the Decepticons usually taking place on Earth, this film gives us our first look at the homeworld of these shape-shifting machines, Cybertron. This trailer teased quite a lot about the history of the Transformers. Since this film is set up in the 80s, Bumblebee seems to be a young innocent Autobot that people are just going to fall in love with, all over again!

The trailer explained the motive of Bee’s emergence on Earth, as he was sent by Optimus Prime in order to protect the people of Earth. As we saw, the Decepticons did manage to follow Bee to Earth in order to find him and retrieve whatever he is hiding. They came on to the planet to warn them about a waging war which would surely reach Earth unless Bee was found. Which is why, the military officials and probably everyone would be hard at finding Bee as a safety measure, in order to save their planet.


The first trailer gave us the sensation that this film will have more of an individualistic approach, than all the Autobots taking on the Decepticons in giant explosive CGI battles where we can’t really figure out what the hell is really happening. But it seems that Bee is going to be big on the action part as well, but it will not be as overblown when you compare it to the other Transformers movies. Also, there are going to be many other Transformers who will be a part of the film, probably even more than the ones we have seen in the previous movies.

Again, this film has quite a lot of human involvement, but it does seem to be a story which focuses more on the lead character Bumblebee, and less on the human factor, which other Transformers movies have missed out on many occasions. Also, we now have a great idea as to what role the Invisible man, John Cena is playing in the film. We do hear a bit of dialogue from him in the new trailer, but again we failed to really see him, not for lack of trying! He seems to be a proactive Government Agent named Burns who will be leading a team to hunt down the lovable Autobot. But towards the end of the film, he will find out why he was wrong and then support Bee upon his real mission.

Director Travis Knight seems to have gotten the right tone for the film. It looks to be the origin story that we all wanted, and we are getting a film with some crisp action sequences that look stunning and would not make us feel nauseated. The Unique design of every Transformer, including Optimus Prime, looks pretty pleasing to the eye and it does look to be the film that will be greatly successful even after having direct competition with the likes of Aquaman, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse and Marry Poppins.

Bumblebee Trailer Transformers

The movie has a rich cast as Hailee Steinfeld stars in the lead along with Jorge Lendeborg Jr., who is playing the male lead. Along with these two and John Cena, the cast of the movie includes Abby Quinn (Black Mirror), Ricardo Hoyos (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Rachel Crow (Deidra & Laney Rob a Train), Jason Drucker (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul), and Gracie Dzienny (Zoo) in undisclosed roles, while John Ortiz (Kong: Skull Island) is one of the few adult actors to play a character in the movie.

Bumblebee will come out on December 21 and here’s the official Synopsis of the movie:

“On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken.  When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug.”


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