10 Craziest Avengers 4 Predictions That Will Blow Your Mind!!!

With Infinity War coming to a close with a surprising twist, the world is becoming primed up and prepped up for Infinity War’s sequel. The untitled Avengers 4 will be the next part in the Infinity War saga and probably the most secretive project Disney and Marvel Studios have ever undertaken. All the actors and the crew for the movie have stayed tight-lipped and careful so as to not divulge a spoiler of any kind to the media. So the burden of deciphering the plot devices for Avengers 4 now falls on the fan base. They have churned out quite a lot of theories for the upcoming events in the next Avengers movie and some of them are truly exceptional. Presenting – 10 craziest Avengers 4 predictions that will blow your mind!!!

The Gauntlet will be wielded by multiple superheroes

We already have a similar concept in play in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1. The end of the movie saw all the Guardians come together to wield the power of the Power Stone to defeat Ronan the Accuser. The Infinity Gauntlet holds the power of not just one but six Infinity Stones. No man, no matter how powerful, could wield such extreme levels of strength. This could only warrant that the theory of several Avengers coming together to wield the Gauntlet. This could be a sight to behold!!

It is about Time Travel

What is the End Game? Doctor Strange’s last words in the movie were truly cryptic. But we need to find out what he meant. And to do that we need to travel back in time to the past MCU events and figure it out piece by piece. Well not us, the heroes! The concept of the Quantum Realm could come into play here. Tony Stark’s get up for Avengers 4 has been released via Set photo leaks. He could be seen as an older, wearier version of his former self. This could mean Tony either developed a technology to tap into the mysterious energies of the Quantum Realm or he developed some other technology to do the same.

Groot is growing back from Stormbreaker

In Infinity War, Thor needed a handle to hold the two pieces of the mystical Stormbreaker axe. Groot sacrificed his arm for the purpose. In the end, Groot died when Thanos snapped his fingers. Before dying, he said, “Goodbye Dad” to Rocket. No character with such a sad ending is allowed back into the MCU. Groot needs to have a happier ending if he ever intends to leave. We know that Mr. Tree has an innate talent to regrow from a twig out of his body. Groot has a whole arm stuck between Stormbreaker that Thor uses as a handle.

Either Tony or Cap will die

This might be a little too overwhelming for the readers. But there is an extremely high probability that either Captain America or Tony Stark are going to give up their life to protect the fallen heroes and helping them come back from the dead to stop Thanos. Since it could be a time travel movie, Tony and Cap will surely face the Soul Gem’s test. If all things go as predicted, Tony will ask Cap to kill him or Cap will ask Tony to end his life so that the Soul Stone never reaches Thanos’ grasp. Both started the MCU and either of their deaths will end it. Ironic, isn’t it?!?!

Alternate universes

This is a rather far-fetched idea but it does hold water after the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp. The dimension hopping energies of Ant-Man and the Wasp are the key fact that unlocks the mysteries of this theory. In the leaked set photos for Avengers 4, we see Paul Rudd and Tony Stark in a shield uniform while shooting their scenes. This is not possible unless there are other factors at play. The Quantum Realm could force the heroes into jumping from one alternate reality to another in search of a way to kill the Mad Titan for good.

Villain from the X-Men or the Fantastic Four Universe will appear in Post Credits!!!

The deal of the century that is the Disney-Fox Merger is almost coming to fruition. But there are still some kinks in the deal that need to be cleared out before both parties shake hands. It will take quite some time before that happens. But there is also quite some time before Avengers 4 releases. So if all things go well, the deal could be completed before Avengers 4 releases. This could mean the Post Credits could show us the glimpses of a villain after Thanos is taken down for good. Our choices are Doctor Doom and Apocalypse.

Bucky kills himself so that Cap gets the Soul Stone

This is yet another heartbreaking theory. It claims that Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier and cap will be the ones that find themselves at the doors of Vormir, looking for the Soul Stone. The Stone will give them the test and Bucky will give the ultimate sacrifice so that Captain America gets his hands on the Infinity Stone. Bucky and Cap are the best of friends and his sacrifice will ensure Cap wields the Soul Stone’s powers. Given Bucky’s dark history, it is rational to think that he decides to kick the bucket and take one for the team.

Ant-Man will take a trip to the future

Ant-Man and the Wasp ended with Scott Lang being trapped in the Quantum Realm as events of Infinity War unfolded in the real world. The snap took the lives of characters like Janet and Hope. But before the former could turn to ashes, she had warned Scoot of Time Vortexes, a swirling phenomenon within the Quantum Realm that can push people back and forth into random points in the future. Scott has absolutely no way out other than the Time Vortexes. Given the fact that an older character has been chosen to play the role of Cassie Lang in the Avengers 4 movie, we could see Ant-Man exploring a whole new world, a world that is only half of its former self.

The Original Avengers will die

With almost all the new generation of heroes becoming a victim of the snap, only a few older members and the entire roster of the founding member of the Avengers now remain as the sole survivors of the Battle of Wakanda. Many claims that there is a reason behind it happening the way it did. The internet says that the original Avengers are actors that are coming to an end of their contract with the studios and they will face a grand farewell when the heroes die to save the world they have been fighting to protect for more than a decade now.

Hawkeye is a Skrull impostor

Thanos X-Men MCU

The Skrulls are a race of malevolent aliens that can shapeshift to take the form of anyone and replace them to act as the perfect spies. This is of particular help for that race since their primary mode of invading planets is via infiltration. Ever since Civil War, Hawkeye is missing. Even though he was one of the first Avengers to take to the screens in the MCU (appearing in Thor of 2011), he was kept out of the events of Infinity War. Many fans believe that along with Nick Fury and Agent Coulson, Hawkeye will also be featured in Captain Marvel. Since the Skrulls are entering into the MCU via this movie, the absence of Hawkeye from recent Marvel films could all point to one thing – Hawkeye is actually a Skrull spy and is infiltrating the Earth to soften the fields for an eventual Skrull invasion.

The real villain is not Thanos but Ultron

Avengers 4 Predictions

This is another theory that has polarized the fan base. A new theory surfaced a few months ago that claimed that Ultron, the evil A.I that arose out of the Mind Stone’s deepest, darkest corners, is still alive. Since Ultron is just a consciousness and his death scene left the fans with a sense of immense ambiguity, fans claim that Ultron now lives within the Mind Stone and has corrupted it. When the time comes, Ultron will come back from the confines of the Mind Stone to fight the Avengers for an epic, final battle. Since Ultron was one of the greatest highlights of the MCVU Villain Roster, we are all looking forward to this theory becoming a reality.

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