14 Incredible Superpowers of Shazam That Make Him One of the Strongest DC Superheroes

Shazam is coming to the big screens guys!!! Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel for the first time in the DCEU this year when the Shazam movie releases this December. But who is Shazam? And what powers does he have? Captain Marvel is one of the most popular superheroes for diehard DC comic book lovers but almost no casual moviegoer knows what his exact powers are!! Fear not for Quirkybyte is here. Presenting – 14 Incredible Superpowers of Shazam that make him one of the strongest DC superheroes!!

 1. Literally transforms into a superhero

Billy Batson is not the superhero. Shazam is. And what is the connection between Shazam and Billy Batson? One single word defines it all – “Shazam”. Billy Batson turns into the world’s mightiest mortal by uttering Shazam anytime, anywhere. When Billy Batson says the word, a mystical thunder erupts from the sky and jolts down to the earth and strikes Billy, turning him into a superhero.

 2. Superhuman Intelligence

Captain Marvel does possess the Wisdom of the all-knowing Solomon. Solomon’s intelligence gives Shazam extreme levels of mental ability. He knows all the languages that were, are and ever will be. He can also dissect any mortal phenomenon and know how it works using his divine intelligence. Solomon’s genius also extends to understanding the magical forces as well as scientific processes. Shazam has indeed created several inventions by himself. He also has the power to hypnotize people to his will.

 3. Super Strength

Captain Marvel possesses the Strength of the Greek God Hercules. Like the mythical Demi-God of Olympus, Shazam has heightened musculature that allows him to perform godlike feats using his brawns. He can lift trucks into the air and hold entire buildings from falling down. He has also fought toe to toe against Superman and managed to defeat him on several occasions. His strength is so vast that he could even move planets if he focuses hard enough.

 4. Superhuman Stamina

Using the Stamina of Atlas, yet another Greek God who holds the sky at bay from falling down, Shazam can go on and on without breaking a sweat. His Superhuman Stamina literally makes him immune to fatigue and hunger. His stamina also allows him to survive without food and water. In short, Captain Marvel doesn’t even need any sustenance to survive. He already has whatever he needs.

 5. Magical Enhancement

The Magical enhancement powers come from Shazam’s ability to tap into the Power of Zeus, the King of Mount Olympus. He transforms into the Mightiest Mortal when the mystical lightning strikes him. That lightning is derived from the Power of Zeus. He can use that lightning for a variety of other purposes, including creating magical apparatus, healing him as well as other heroes and using the lightning’s arcane energy to power his own magical spells. Shazam has also been seen using that lightning for offensive purposes via shooting it at his enemies from his fingertips.

 6. Invulnerability

Superpowers of Shazam DC

Shazam has a skin so hard that even Superman has a hard time punching holes in it, even when the latter is at full strength. His durability is derived from the hero Achilles, a guy known for his immense mental and physical fortitude in battles. Achilles’ courage gives him not only the steel-like skin but also the mental ability to prevent himself from succumbing to any form of psychic or psychological attack. It also grants him immunity against telepathy. Achilles also lends Shazam his supreme fighting skills.

 7. Superhuman Speed

Shazam’s Speed is comparable to that of Superman’s in the comic books. He can tap into the Speed of Mercury and go as fast as inhumanly possible. He has been rumoured to be so fast that even Superman couldn’t catch up to him on one occasion. He can also use Mercury’s powers to fly at the same speed as he runs. While that might amaze you, we have yet another interesting fact. During the Golden age of comic books, Shazam was so fast that he travelled light years through space to the rock of Eternity to meet the Wizard Shazam. He did it in a matter of seconds.

 8. Power Lending

Shazam can not only transform into a superhero but also lend other people his powers too. When he transfers his powers, he gives a half or a third of it to a trusted member that soon becomes a part of the Marvel Family. Mary Marvel and Freddy Freeman are prime examples while several other’s exist. Shazam gets significantly weakened when he transfers too much of his powers onto others and can get substantially more powerful if the others decide to give him back his powers.

 9. Invulnerability to magic

Shazam himself is a being of pure magic. But his mystical origins also allow him to become a living, breathing magical barrier. Many a time has villains tried to use arcane and mystical energies to take down Captain Marvel. Since he is powered by the Gods themselves, who are literally ancient beings of Godlike Magic, Captain Marvel goes out unscathed and victorious every time.

 10. He now has the powers of seven new Gods

After the Darkseid War, the equations of the whole universe saw a shift when Darkseid, DC’s God of Evil was killed. The Wizard Shazam then called Billy back to the Rock of Eternity, where he was told that a new set of Gods will be chosen to power him with some of them being older than Humanity itself. The Gods that were chosen were S’ivaa, H’ronmeer, Anapel, Zotuz, Ate and Mamaragan. Combining the might of all the six gods transformed Billy Batson into the new Captain Marvel aka God of Gods.

 11. Has detailed knowledge of all forms of magic

Shazam hasn’t just served as a superhero. He has also taken the place of the Wizard in the Rock of Eternity, guarding the seven sins locked within it using his knowledge of the mystic arts. Shazam has been to every nook and cranny of the Arcana Magnifica and learned every magical spell there is to learn. He possesses an array of supernatural spells at his disposal ever since. One downside of him becoming the Wizard is that he cannot stay away from the Rock of Eternity for more than 24 hours.

 12. Immortality

Shazam’s predecessor is called Black Adam, who also happens to be his greatest arch nemesis. Black Adam possesses all the powers that Shazam does. Black Adam derives his powers from a set of six older gods that date back to heliopolitan times of ancient Egypt. Black Adam or Teth Adam as he is called as is thousands of years old and yet he virtually hasn’t even aged a bit, even when the present day is taken into account. Since he has all the powers as that of Black Adam, as long as Billy stays in his superhero form, he will never die.

 13. Control over Fire

Since Shazam’s new host of Gods are ancient in nature, they grant him a host of new abilities as well. One of those abilities is his ability to control fire, otherwise known as pyrokinesis. One of the New Gods Shazam draws powers from is a living entity made entirely of flames and ember. Shazam can not only control the flames but also even create his own. One of the truly insane abilities that can be derived from his pyrokinesis is his ability to literally breathe fire like a dragon.

 14. Source Manipulation

Yuga Khan is the father of Darkseid and the original ruler of Apokolips. He is a guy even DC’s God of Evil fears. When Yuga Khan was in his prime, he successfully ventured into the Source Wall, a feat that no living entity has ever managed to do ever since. Yuga Khan thus gained the ability to manipulate the Source, an energy that governs the entire multiverse, at will. Since Yuga Khan is one of the New Gods powering Shazam, he also gains the ability of Source Manipulation. He can literally open portals to anywhere, including any other universe or alternate reality.

The Shazam movie releases on the 5th of April, 2019. The official movie synopsis for Shazam reads:

“We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson’s (Angel) case, by shouting out one word—SHAZAM!—this streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult Super Hero Shazam (Levi), courtesy of an ancient wizard. …Shazam”

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