Sony Adds Three More Spider-Man Universe Movies to Development Stage

With the upcoming Venom solo spinoff, Sony is starting a whole Spider-man Universe without actually using Spider-Man in there. As Spider-Man is now a part of the MCU, Sony is putting all other characters which are at their disposal in use so they could make great stories out of them, entertain us, make money and at the end grow in Hollywood securing their elite spot along with mammoths like Disney and WB.

The next Superhero movie in focus is indeed Sony’s Venom project which is supposed to start a shared Universe which Sony is banking on next. They really need some big hits otherwise they will also have to move on the same path that Fox just went, which means that some other big company will have to purchase their assets as well. They have grown in confidence after the major success of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jumanji 2, now Hotel Transylvania 3, and the next year will supposedly be huge for Sony with movies like the Men in Black reboot, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Zombieland, Jumanji 3 and many more coming out.

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2020 will have Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot hit the theatres with a whole John Wick vibe within the Superhero genre, and then the Venom-verse will continue with Morbius as Jared Leto is already on board to play the character. But a lot will depend upon the success of Venom. Tom Hardy is a big name in Hollywood now and he can easily pull off a movie on his own, so if Venom gets successful, then it won’t just begin a Shared Universe, but it will also mean that a Venom sequel will be fast-tracked real soon.

From what we have seen till now, Venom looks very promising as it has got the core character absolutely spot on even after having changed the origin story due to Peter Parker’s absence from this universe. So, Sony is already putting other Marvel projects under development. They own 900 Marvel characters within the Spider-man Universe itself, so why not bet on the ones who could actually present a good cinematic story.

Sony seems to have come to their senses. Till now, there were reports suggesting that after Venom and Morbius, they have movies like Silver and Black, Silk, Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio in play.  Morbius will get the priority, but after that we will surely see the cinematic debut of Silver Sable and Black Cat.

This project by Sony is supposed to focus upon two of the female characters of the Spider-verse who have never been featured on the big screen till now, Silver Sable and Black Cat. Silver is basically a mercenary who focuses on war criminals while Black has been a villain, lover and an ally to Spider-Man. Helmed by director Gina Prince-Bythewood, the movie has been a major subject to delays. It was supposed to follow the lead of Venom in 2019, but due to heavy rewrites upon the script, the movie has been dropped from Sony’s release schedule for now.

But now, a new report from Variety has confirmed that along with the likes of Silk, Sony is developing Nightwatch and Jackpot as solo features as well. Kraven and Mysterio may get canceled or be put on halt due to the fact that they might just appear in the MCU, so Sony may actually prioritize Silk, Nightwatch, and Jackpot.

The story of Silk would focus on Cindy Moon aka Silk who was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. She is the hero this so-called “Venom-verse” may need in the absence of Spider-Man as she has powers similar to Peter Parker himself. It is under development but there is no further update as to when the movie comes out.

Nightwatch’s story will bring in Dr. Kevin Trench who was attacked by the invisible Camouflage Cadre and rescued by a man called Nightwatch, who drove the Cadre back through a time portal before dying. But then, later on, Trench actually discovered that Nightwatch is actually an older version of himself from the future. So, this movie could very well introduce Time Travel in the Venom-verse. The MCU and WOD have chipped in Time Travel, and Venom-verse could also do exactly that.

Jackpot will be another one of the female characters in Sony’s Venomverse and she will join Silver Sable, Black Cat, and Silk sometime in the future. let’s just hope that this future comes real soon. Venom will open on October 5.

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