This Character From Justice League Was Almost Killed Off By Zack Snyder

Infinity War had a big impact upon us and we are still talking about it, but it has been more than 8 Months since Justice League came out, and due to new updates from Zack Snyder and others behind the movie, we still can’t stop talking about Justice League. Even though the Justice League was a failure for WB, it still keeps people engaged because of their undying hope of the Snyder cut that has repeatedly claimed to be impossible to release in the theatres.

Talks still go on for this movie as every now and then, new details get highlighted on the web stating the possibilities of what all could have been a part of the Snyder cut. Everything began with WB letting Snyder go before he had actually finished the film. The official verdict says that Snyder left because of his family tragedy, but many news outlets have reported that he was actually fired by WB as they did not like the movie he actually made. Instead, they hired Joss Whedon and ordered him to alter the narrative of the movie, adding a lighter tone to the film, and getting it to a cut of $2 hours.

Znyder’s cut reportedly had a run time of 2 Hours and 45 minutes, so Joss Whedon had to remove a lot of material that he shot, and because he now needed scenes that would actually fit better in the story of 2 hours instead of 2 Hours and 45 Minutes, Whedon undertook extensive reshoots of the film which actually cost the Studios an extra $25 Million.

But, many people behind the movie who worked with Snyder have claimed the fact that Zack Snyder actually had a cut ready and aligned, and he was happy with it. It is 99% finished only requiring some reshoots. But it is not ready as the CGI and special effects upon that cut are not finished. So it will never be possible to finish the cut unless WB bring Snyder back (which will never happen).

Now, some new details have hit the net stating the fact that Zack Snyder actually intended one of the significant characters among the Justice League cast members to die right in the first movie. A senior editor at Vulture, Kyle Buchanan claims that the original story arc planned by Zack Snyder had Silas Stone, played by Joe Morton, to be killed halfway through the film. But this was changed through the Reshoots as we got to see him survive the events of Justice League to live another day, and help out his son further in his quest. This was all the doing of Joss Whedon, but it did give Cyborg a future which will be portrayed in his solo movie which is still under development by WB.

Here’s what Kyle Buchanan mentioned in his tweet:

“JUSTICE LEAGUE reshoots changed Cyborg’s arc the most. Originally, Joe Morton’s character was killed halfway through, and Cyborg finds a video from him at the end that lets Morton’s lines play over the final montage. Whedon gave those lines to Amy Adams 

Also, according to Joe Morton, the footage shot for Cyborg’s story arc, which was completely edited in the movie could actually end up being used in the Cyborg solo film. Here’s what he said:

“There was [more we shot]. They completely changed the story… Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what [the original story] is because that might end up being in part of the Cyborg movie. Yes, there was a big change once they decided that they were going to do the Cyborg film.”

This is the first update upon the Cyborg solo movie in the last two years. Morton confirmed that there is supposed to be a Cyborg movie and he was even asked about the cast of the film. He said:

“I think the idea is to deal more with his family so you watch the evolution of him becoming Cyborg. I know there’s supposed to be a Cyborg movie they’re going to shoot in 2020. That’s all I know. I haven’t seen a script.”

 This Character From Justice League Was Almost Killed Off By Zack Snyder

Well, this is some positive news for the DC fans who are still waiting for a Cyborg movie. From what we know, it will not hit the theatres before 2021 or 2022.

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