10 Incredible Abilities of Scarlet Witch That Will Make Thanos Shit His Pants

Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff got off to a rocky start for a superhero career in the MCU when she officially started off as a side villain in Age of Ultron alongside her brother Quicksilver. Originating from the annals of the Mind Stone, her powers were mysterious, unexplored and had virtually limitless applications. In Infinity War, she showed us what could be only called a fraction of her true abilities from the comic books. Presenting – 10 Incredible Abilities of Scarlet Witch that will make Thanos shit his pants!!!

 1. Immunity to the Phoenix Force

The Phoenix Force is the focal point of all psychic energy that ever was, is or will be. But the thing is that the Phoenix Force entity needs a living host. The most popular one is Jean Grey. But there have been others. The Phoenix force is a god and it always gets what it wants. But there was just one instance when the Force was rejected by a mere mortal. The Scarlet Witch used her reality warping abilities to spit out the Phoenix Force from her body when it tried to possess her.

 2. Luck Manipulation

She is not exactly at the level of Domino, who is most associated with this ability. While Domino manipulates probability to influence events, Scarlet Witch changes the very outcome to do the same. But her powers are extremely unrefined and can be a double-edged sword. They have come in handy on certain occasions though.

 3. Chaos Magic

Ever wondered how Wanda is considered a mutant but called a Witch? It is not just a pretty superhero name but it has a deeper meaning. When Wanda was given birth to, she was imbued with demonic powers from the demon king Cthon himself. The demon lord is the reason Wanda’s mutant powers are magic based and are so extremely potent.

 4. She knows real sorcery

If you thought her magic based powers mean that she was born with the magical silver spoon in her mouth, you are dead wrong. When Steve Englehart took over her issues, he made sure that Wanda becomes a true mystical force to be reckoned with. Wanda was trained by the greatest masters of magic the Marvel Universe has to offer – Agatha Harkness and Doctor Strange.

 5. She can project Kinetic Energy blasts

Abilities of Scarlet Witch Thanos

Her hex powers are not just for cursing people with bad luck. Wanda, on more than one occasion, has found herself fighting against physically stronger foes. To deal with those threats, Wanda has used her chaos magic to conjure Kinetic Energy blasts that are strong enough to knock the Juggernaut on his feet. Juggernaut was running when this happened and the guy was said to be impossible to stop when he gathered momentum. Luckily, Wanda keeps setting new records.

 6. Realistic Illusions

There are many illusion using villains in the comic books. But Wanda’s powers take it over to the next level. Wanda can use her Chaos Magic to create perfect illusions in a way that it is completely indiscernible from reality. Her illusions create a universe and reality of their own. To give you a heads up as to how powerful her illusions are, it was Wanda that started off the Dark Phoenix Saga.

 7. Teleportation

Teleportation is an ability that is often explored in the comic books. But most of the time, teleportation happens via the use of machinery and tools in the comics. Only a few can harness the power of actual teleportation. Wanda is one of the very few who are at the top of that very list. Wanda uses her teleportation powers frequently in the comics and has used them to travel back and forth in time as well as different realities.

 8. Immunity to Domino’s powers

Domino made her live-action debut in Deadpool 2. Her powers are essentially probability manipulation, giving her a tremendous amount of luck in the battlefield. But Wanda’s powers are pretty much the same. So when both try and fight each other. Wanda’s hex bolts cancel out Domino’s luck and the playing field is levelled out again.

 9. She is incredibly talented in close quarter combat

Wanda has been trained by Steve Rogers and Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in several martial arts techniques. Since Wanda is an Avenger and faces a multitude of threats on a daily basis, Scarlet Witch needs to be prepared for all possible contingencies if her powers decide to give up on her anytime.

 10. Reshape the Universe

Scarlet Witch’s powers are so mysterious that they are scary to even try and gauge. In the House of M storyline, a distraught Wanda uses her reality-shaping powers to create an alternate reality to be reshaping the previous one. In this reality, every superhero has the life they had always dreamed to have and mutants, not humans, are the ruling majority. She then restores the world back to its previous state but permanently depowers 99 per cent of the mutant population in the process.

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