This Insane Theory Claims That Groot Is The Rightful King of Asgard

Avengers Infinity War was arguably one of the greatest movies to ever come out of the franchise that is Marvel Cinematic Universe. Over the years we have seen the franchise churn out superhero adventure after superhero adventure. The directors an writers have worked hard over the years to provide the fan with the sense of interconnectivity and continuity that we have craved. The thing with continuity reference is that although the fans manage to catch most of them something’s these references are so obscure and so vague that we may fall completely flat when trying to interpret it.

During the events of Infinity War, which was also the culmination of over a decade of moviemaking and which brought together more than 40 different characters on the same screen, we saw that the mad Titan Thanos took it upon himself to collect all the infinity stones and to fulfil his passion of wiping out half of life in all of the creation. Although the motivations of the Mad Titan were a bit muddy his approach was precise and lethal, his actions had intent.

His movements had a purpose and he took the Avengers by surprise. He picked his teeth with the Avengers’ bones (in a metaphorical sense). All this was amplified by the fact that we saw a paradigm shift during the events of Infinity War. In all previous installments of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, it was always the good guys came out on top. I mean even for a superhero franchise that is a bit much considering the fact that we need constant conflict in a story to keep it going.

Infinity War, in a lot of ways, did something that no superhero movie has done before. It culminated a franchise that has been able to retain its novelty despite the quantum of characters and story arcs it has to manage. Maybe that is why the movie is so close to the hearts of Marvel fans. We not only see the universe culminating into one big final act but we, as an audience, also get a lot of story for our favorite characters. But the problem is when you have such a plethora of strong characters you get more quantum in the story but less quality. Although there are a lot of payoffs that are to be appreciated in Infinity War there are also key story points that lack depth and ultimately cause a viewer to disconnect with the world the movie is trying to present.

The entire premise gets more interesting when you realize that there are underdeveloped characters and story arcs like Gamora and Thanos, Gamora and Nebula, Drax and Quill, and Groot. Characters like this that had incredible subplots from the inception of the franchise and that now get their limelight moments.

One such moment came when the God of Thunder seeked to forge a new weapon to focus his powers. This hunt for power led Thor to Nidallever (the forge of the Gods) run by dwarves. We see a beaten Thor open the eye of a collapsing star to allow the building of the new weapon. Being exposed to this cosmic power almost kills Thor until Groot comes to his aid and finishes forging the Stormbreaker. This Stormbreaker is a special weapon because it not only has the power of Thunder but also a part of a sentient tree. But hold on, how is this possible? How is Groot able to wield the weapon of Kings? Well, here we are attempting to answer that very question. Read on to know how Groot is related to the people of Asgard.

Let’s take up the facts first. It is very important to mention that the theory that is about to be presented to you sits well with all the Canon facts including the non-movie Marvel Cinematic Universe media. This includes the animated prequels and the various comics, tie-ins and TV series that encompass and take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is rather peculiar how well this thing fits an there might be a reason to believe that this has its base in more than just the movies.

Let’s recount the facts, what do we really know about Groot? We were introduced to this sentient tree way back in Guardians of the Galaxy. We met Groot when he had already joined up forces with the super intelligent rocket raccoon. It was all rather surreal. A talking tree who only said three words and a raccoon with a gun. The entire movie felt like a 90s webcomic with 70s music. And we liked it. The fans ate it up. We fell in love with the cute tree and we all weeped when the VIN Diesel voiced character met his fate at the end of the movie. There was a glimmer of hope in the form of a dancing stick at the end, and fans rejoiced again.

Groot enchanted audiences world over, but the origins of this character remained murky until the animated prequels/ pseudo origin stories of the guardians of the Galaxy were previewed by Disney. That is when we finally learned of the genocide of Groot’s race and their association with the earth.

 We also learned that Groot is probably the last of an ancient race. Maybe that is why the raccoon understood him because he is also a primitive being who’s gained intelligence. They are both the creation of mother nature affected by magic/science and now they communicate. For all the bromances in Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is my favorite ( probably because we’ve yet to see Peter Parker X Wade Wilson).

Infinity War

Now where does this all connect and why is any of it important when you’re talking about Groot and Asgard. I mean why should the Gods care about a tree who walks around because some magic seeped in. Well, I’ll tell you. The theory goes that Groot is actually descended from / is a part of the world tree (Yggdrasil) from the Norse mythology.


The world tree or Yggdrasil is the key component around which all of the Norse mythology is centered.  In ancient lore, it is stated that the world tree reaches across all nine realms and it is on the branches of this tree that all realms exist. We have seen the existence of this tree because the fans have already witnessed the use of Bifrost. The Bifrost is nothing but a pathway on the branches of the world tree.

There are two pieces of evidence that strongly support this theory and both come from Infinity War and are supported by all other evidence available in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first piece of evidence is the most common and the most obvious one the evidence is that Groot was able to wield the Stormbreaker. The very fact that Groot’s arm was a worthy pommel/ handle for the weapon that is the only for the king of Gods goes to show that the magic that gives Groot life echoes through this weapon too. This substantiates the claim. That Groot and Asgard have a connection.

The second piece of evidence is also from Infinity War and has to do with the rightful king of Asgard. The god of Thunder claims to understand the tree even when all he can say is three words, “ I am Groot”. Upon inquiry, the god of Thunder informs that Groot was taught in Asgard. This is a piece of evidence that solidifies our theory. Not only did Groot descend from the world tree but his culture and race were at peace with Asgard. To the point that their language was taught to the younger generations.

groot King of Asgard

But the question is will this theory hold up come Avengers 4. We don’t know but we’ll soon find out. May 4, come fast.

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