Here Are The Movies Avengers 4 Will Surely Revisit Through Time Travel

Avengers 4 is still almost 10 months away from us and there are 2 movies to grasp before we finally get to the conclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe till now. Infinity War After Infinity War shocked us with the most thrilling ending in a Superhero movie ever, Avengers 4 is going to completely blow us away bringing in the rest of the who are still alive along with some new ones.

From what we know till now, Avengers 4 is going to be a full-on Time Travel movie and we are going to see major scenes from the previous movies that have already happened in the MCU. Looking at the set photos, Time Travel has more or less been confirmed as we have seen many photos where the scenes from other movies seem prominent.

Out of all the movies that will be revisited in the film, the film that will surely be featured is the first Avengers movie. The set photos of Loki and Thor from the set photos of Avengers 4 show us that we will be going back to the time which came right after the battle of New York. Also, there are other set photos that show Captain America dressed in his suit from the Avengers movie along with Hulk, Tony as a member of SHIELD and Ant-Man who is in his new suit.

All of them are wearing some unknown wrist devices which are believed to be having the technology that allows the Avengers to travel back to and forward in time through the Quantum Realm. The other movie that may be revisited according to reports and set photos is Captain America: Civil War. There have been reports that Crossbones is going to be there in Avengers 4, so that is only possible if the movie goes back to the Civil War.

Other than these two, Doctor Strange is supposed to get a revisit right when the Time Stone was revealed in the movie.  Guardians of the Galaxy will also be revisited as the Power Stone was brought into the mix. So by this, we know for sure that the movies that had major events involving the Infinity Stones will be revisited.

This gives us reason to believe that Avengers 1 & 2, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy and probably Thor: The Dark World will be revisited. The reason why the Avengers will be traveling through time to these places is because they will be changing the history so that the horrific finger snap does not actually happen.

A report also suggests that out of these movies Thor: The Dark World may be tackled the same way that the Guardians of the Galaxy arc was tackled in Infinity War where it was just mentioned that Thanos got the Power Stone from Xandar. The reason behind this may obviously be that Marvel surely does not want us to remember how bad Thor: The Dark World was. So, any big story arc involving the Aether will be handled with just references and not much will be shown exactly.

Age of Ultron was a big part of the MCU and the movie did not connect to Infinity War in a major way, so Avengers 4 has to bring that event into play as well. Also, we have seen some set pieces similar to Age of Ultron and the fact that the return of Quicksilver is rumored gives us a surety that Age of Ultron will have some kind of involvement in the movie.

avengers 4 time travel

What other movies would be featured in Avengers 4 will only be known to us as we get closer to the release of the movie and the marketing actually begins. Avengers 4 will completely blow us away as it is not just going to take us in flashbacks, but with time travel happening on a large scale, the timeline of Marvel is going to change us in major ways giving us alternate timelines, flashbacks, flash-forwards, flash-sideways. It is going to be similar to a season of ‘Lost’. So much will be happening that it will actually be difficult to process that all at once.

Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019. 

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